Nice Guys Finish last

Nice Guys finish Last

There’s a classic line in the popular Arnold Schwarzenegger film ‘Last Action Hero,’ which goes something like – in the real world the bad guys do win. The message is clear and potent; in the real world the bad boys do win and the nice guys do lose; relationships are not fairytale s as Disney made them out to be. Most women want a prince charming with a few added extras; throw in a bit of stubble, tear his pristine trousers a little and even put a tattoo on his neck. Albeit I’m exaggerating more than a tad but it’s very clear; nice guys need more than just niceness to win in the relationship battle. Lest you find yourself sitting on the bench watching others play on the field ahead of you.

Sweet like Candy

Now we’ve all heard women say “aww he’s such a nice guy, so sweet,” that’s a lovely line which equates to friend-zoned; it’s a painful but stark reality, which needs to be said. A lot of nice guys might not know but they over do the niceties they offer. Alternatively think of such traits like this; how many sweet can a woman ingest before she becomes b intolerant and later sick.


One problem that nice guys have is their just too available; their schedule is always flexible and they’ll work around you even at a cost to themselves. Your plans go downhill and he’ll be ready to pick up where somebody else left off. That makes him a great back up plan; can’t get batman at least we got Robin.


You text the individual and they text back immediately, you ring them they pick up after the first ring, you’ll be having a conversation and he’s got so much energy and too much to talk about. Its great you show keen interest in interacting and getting to know a woman but all that ability to bounce conversation of all corners of the universe can be draining.


Nice guys go with the flow; wherever the wind blows they are blown. They do whatever you want to do. You ask them “where do you want to eat,” and the usual response is yeah you get guessed it, “wherever you want to eat.” Their often happy to be indecisive and give you control of the steering wheel, relaxing in their happiness to let the woman drive. A lot of woman may not openly admit it but it is one a far more attractive trait when a man takes control of the relationship. It emits a feeling of safety and that no matter what her man has got a handle on the situation.

Rule Breaker

Nice guys are renown for following rules; they don’t tend to break them, otherwise they wouldn’t be good guys. Being a goody too shoes doesn’t bring excitement; it doesn’t raise your heartbeat, get your blood pumping or boost your adrenaline levels. It does not leave you craving more; in fact because of the risk adversity they become mundane and routine. It’s like playing GTA and being a good citizen stopping at every red light. Eventually you’re going to break out and press that accelerator button because it’s more fun going 100mph.

Imperfection is actually perfection

Good guys like to be perfect; they like to have halos above their heads and grow wings on their backs. They do everything right; buy you flowers, take you out, never flirt with opposite sex. He is damn well perfect; the trouble is we are humans and cannot accept the idea of being perfect because it shows how imperfect we are.

Don’t argue

Too nice to argue; whatever you say he just says “look baby I don’t want to fall out with you”. Is this life? Now you’re doing things just to piss him off; because its far more annoying that he won’t give you a reaction. In a lot of arguments things get brought up from observations the other partner has made. Their shouting out things which pisses them off and you don’t respond with except “lets not argue,” this will never solve the long term problem. Furthermore everyone loves a good argument sometimes; if he doesn’t argue you women can’t even get your make up sex. Arguing in a most cases is a show of either how dead or alive your relationship is.

Availability to Do-ability

Girls want a Tyrone not Timothy. Short and sweet the nice guy always goes the extra length for you and that leaves him to exploitation. Women know exactly what I’m talking about; almost every pretty girl has a few men; who are in the #Fan category. These guys will asleep at five am and the girl can ring him and he’ll produce the miracle, “yeah I’ll come and get you from the club,” even though it is a half an hour drive. If you’re willing to do that and more is it the women’s fault if she exploits you, she’s better served when you’re her slave and she can still have a man.

In conclusion

These are just a few reasons why nice guys finish last; it’s not an exhaustive list but it covers most bases. Nobody is saying being a good guy/nice guys is a bad thing but think of it simply like this; a plain baked cake without, icing, jam or cream filler is simply just a unadventurous, low risk and low thrill option. Whereas the Victoria sponge, with the light dusting of sugar on top, with jam and cream in between is arguably the more juicer option. If you’re still not convinced then either you’re the nice guy/ girl but believe me being too nice gets you exploited and heartbroken. Don’t take my word for it but believe Gentlemen Extraordinaire. Jojo

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5 responses to “Nice Guys Finish last

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    • simple. I’m 15 and your probably 26? we’re from different generations. My generation has more hoes and good girls who want nice guys but sometimes who are smart.. Once those hoes get hurt in there feels. You have a chance to help them if you have the courage to talk and know how to deal with them. Not to long ago. The hoes from my school posted a picture of them flashing there boobs and the whole school knows about it. Few days they haven’t come to school and a buddy of mt decide to tell them who has the photo and delete it from some peoples phone from sneaking in the boys locker rooms and lock pick and use his nerdy gadget thing and fine there number. After that. He made an account on the free to text thing on some wed site and send a message saying its illegal to have child pornography on your phone with perfectly good English grammar. Yeah i know that’s a long way but who wants sloppy seconds? I don’t. Also if theirs any bad grammar. sorry.

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