What would you do? Episode 1

What would you do?

Episode – 1 A man jumps out at you and your spouse and threatens to shoot you both unless the woman strips naked for him right there and then. And yes he’s pointing the tip of the gun your way.

Option -1 Fight

Option -2 Do as he says

Option – 3 Run

Option – 4 Offer cash incentive

I know as you’ve read the question many of you would have made up your minds even before I’ve stated the options. The funny thing was I was surprised by the eclectic responses I received when I asked this question to people.

Factors in making the decision Male Perspective


Male Ego

Being in such a situation will inevitably bruise, batter and break a male’s ego. We as a gender and sex have a duty to protect our loved ones whether that is physically or verbally. Males are built to protect and serve and being involved in such a predicament where you’re seemingly helpless could make a man think irrationally if he considers his pride more than his life. “I refuse to live in shame knowing I couldn’t protect my girl.”

Hero Complex

Definitely during a fight or flight situation your mind will have you thinking for brief moments that you are Batman and this armed guy is just an everyday criminal in Gotham.


Weighing up Options

These are the last few moments before you decide on your action; you would’ve looked at your girl and seen the fear in her eyes and it would’ve cut you up. You begin by running different scenarios and imagining how they will end up. If you consider yourself a fighter you will play out the scenes differently to how someone who is afraid of confrontation.


Jojo’s Verdict – #MyGirlBetterStrip

The hash tag is exactly what I would assume should happen and if she doesn’t; she doesn’t value mine or her own life. Yes there is a great shame on the woman’s part to have to reveal oneself in public and such an over whelming feeling shouldn’t be underestimated, but does that compare to our lives? Pause. In life and death situations; our safety comes first so, no I will not be fighting and I’ll explain further down.


If our first priority is our safety then I cannot afford to take a chance on letting my Male ego drag me into a hero complex situation. Batman is a comic book character; I am real blood and flesh and so is my girl. Imagine if I wrestle the man with the gun and a stray bullet hits my girl; how will I ever forgive myself? Better yet how do I explain that to her parents? There are times in life you fight and there are others when you should just let it go and be passive.


Conclusion I am not about to play any other options because my girls life is at stake as well as mine; I am not NEO and neither is this dude Mr Anderson. Cash incentive means I get robbed as well as my girl gets embarrassed publicly. If he wanted money he would’ve asked for it instead of trying to perversely see my girl naked. All in all I’d advise you to be calm, no sudden movements and do as he says; unless you want to catch a case.


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