Why successful Black men tend to date White women

This is a popular misconception which doesn’t take into account all the factors which influence the successful black male to seemingly gear towards the caucus female. Looking closely there are very prominent reasons for this upsurge in this type of inter racial relationships.

Personal Preference
Simply put there are some black males who just have a preference which is for the caucasian female. This is nothing new and you can trust me, that in slavery periods Django was turning up the heat on Mrs Smith in the shadows. There is a variety of different women in this world which gives the individual the power of choice.

Cultural Incline
People often forget that people are inclined differently in terms of their culture. An un-political correct term would be malteasar or in the words of Rio Ferdinand “Choc Ice”. Either way it shows that black males can be seen to have aliegance with white culture or black culture and this will surely play a part in his female choice.
Personal History
A black male may have had a very tough dealing with females of his race in the past, which has brough about the above (personal choice). These seemingly traumatic experiences impact future perception of black females; which leads to the classic line “I don’t date my own race.” Many of you would have heard this line from a black man; but before you lay siege to his ideals, perhaps question why such an ideal comes about.

Identity Crisis
This may sound funny but its a real problem amongst our community. This is the refusal of acceptance of your cultural origin; some internally refuse to even consider themselves black/african/Caribbean. “I’m British,” and that’s how they view themselves. This also leads them to rejecting women of black african/ Caribbean cultural/background.

Society perception
There are too many ill conceived ideas, which are happily thrown about promoting the discredit of black females.
How many of us have heard people say “black girls are loud, aggressive and fixated with attitude.” This is one type of bashing that doesn’t help paint black women in a better light. What race of females haven’t got mouth. If their not speaking then males be careful their plotting.
Aggressive is to a certain extent is whether like to admit it; in our very nature but any female who grows up in Austerity, discrimination by race and sex will be also aggressive.
In the case of attitude I’m going to be very broad and sweeping with a statement. Observe when a white male approaches a black female; the attitude, hostility and guard is heavily discounted. And to get into the true reasons is a whole other blog but in short; black females have a guard up against black males. This guard is to weed out the soft males; if you can get past that then maybe you can change the social normative reputation of black boys having sex and leaving you.
Black women are un supportive.” Since when; if you got pipe dreams then black females aren’t the women for you. If they cannot see a concrete plan then yeah their going to be realistic and tell you.
Pipe Dream – I want to own the largest Bacon factory. Great. But you don’t know nothing about the ins and outs of running a factory or even bacon. Go and smoke that dream away. #RealityCheck
Final excuse; caucasian women are easier to get along with. Do you know women at all; because if you did then you’d know that no woman is easy. Any woman you wife will have their own challenges; black or white. And if you wanted a slave why didn’t you go out with the maid. You have to earn a black women’s respect, love and loyalty. A lot of them have been hurt badly by males and in turn they have their guard up.

This is the daily playground a black male plays within on a daily/ regular basis. For any person of any social level; this is their workplace. CEO,’s to celebrities to sportsmen; each of these have similar environmental characteristics they will be dominated by caucasian colleagues, friends, acquaintances, bosses and new faces..
To be successful there is some form of conformity in terms of culture; a black successful male will be surrounded by caucasian individuals and this will put pressure and influence his decision on female compatriot choice.
Someone asked me a question a very good question concerning this aspect of the discussion.
Can’t a black man just choose a prim and proper girl from the places he once grew up in. As I recall the enlightening conversation brought up two issues with this train of thought.
Firstly when will the male have time to mingle with such people; when we’ve already established already that work is where most time is spent and after that it’s your home. In between where do you find time to find those old circles; two build up those circles and three maintain those circles long enough for you to acquire a female of worth.
Secondly as mentioned earlier in Environmental; the playground of a successful black man always has caucasians in it but pushing that point further. We need to realise where are the playgrounds other than home and work for a twenty-seven year old man. Clubbing is not the playground it once was; too many young kids.
Which begs a question; when is it reaching the point of being too late to find yourself a partner?
That’s another blog; but the last concept in enviroment is simply; opportunity and timing. It might so happpen; you meet a very compatible caucasian woman and that is why your together.

There are many reasons beyond which age I could list but importantly the greatest argument for a successful male dating a caucasian female is often environmental. Their playground is filled with very few black females and so many white women. In truth it really is a personal choice; but what I do know is more black females need to be encouraged to become more successful in order to widen the spectrum.
If you don’t agree with me fine; but believe the Gentlemen Extraordinaire. Jojo

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5 responses to “Why successful Black men tend to date White women

  1. I’m researching this topic for my blog and I cannot believe I bumped into you Kojo!!!! Literally second link on google, nicely done.

    Oh honey, wait for my response ๐Ÿ˜€

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