Your Ex and your best friend, mates???

Your Ex and your best friend mates

Imagine breaking up with your partner and then having to hear, see and know your ex is still in amongst your friendship circle. This kind of situation isn’t great if you’re trying to get over someone; and can have its huge disadvantages. Whilst it was beautiful your ex and your friends got on so well; now they still get on and it can be jarring and annoying causing rifts in the camp.

Can’t really get rid of you

The problem with your best friend being friends with your ex is that you’ll never truly be shot of them. If you don’t see him you will hear about him in some light because of the relationship your circle of friend(s) have fashioned. The presence of your ex will never fully leave your life and how much harder will that be for you to move on with your life.

Social Media Intrusion

Situation: Imagine you haven’t seen your ex for a week; you’ve blocked him of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so he can’t watch your movements and you can’t watch his. Then he pops up on your twitter feed with a Re-tweet from one of your good mates; just imagine how pissed you will be and how it may set you back. Relating back to the first title; you can’t truly eradicate that player out of your game.


Loyalty will inevitably become clouded as time goes on believe that. How can it not? Their relationship as friends will grow stronger as you’ve been removed from the picture and as they begin to care more about each other. Situations will arise as your friend battles her loyalties; for example if you and your friend have a huge argument and she is stressed and relates the information to your ex. We get a situation where your ex gets to say “I told you so” this will slowly corrode your influence and loyalty lines between you and friend.


Can you bitch to that friend about your ex? Everyone likes a little nibble from time to time but can you feel safe in doing so with the friend who’s chatting calmly to your ex. The worst and unforeseen betrayal is from the ones he love and care about the most. Just be sure human beings no matter what the relationship is with you will let slip little details; now imagine you say something about your ex and just innocent conversation arises between your friend and your ex. Things will get said in a non malicious way; because we always tell people we trust with information. Be careful #YourFriendDoesntBecomeYou’reEnemy

Consider Me

Has your friend actually considered how you will feel with them happily chatting away with your ex when they know how deep the relationship was? It is a selfish notion to want your ex and best friend to stop talking but because we are humans and have desires of a selfish note we expect a certain level of understanding when it comes to friends. In your current mind frame you may also fall prey to a suspicious mind and think your best friend is kicking it with your ex. What don’t tell me you won’t think along those lines? What you wouldn’t care because they can do what they want? Don’t lie to yourself; because feelings don’t just wash away with the tide like sand on the beach. Everyone wonders after they finished with their ex; who their ex is getting on with.


This situation may sound farfetched but I’ve seen a few of these situations and they always end badly. The problem in life is people want to know you have their back; you can’t be friends with seemingly the enemy (ex) and then give you as an individual the same loyalty. I am a firm believer in being a preventer rather than a curer; but honestly if you’re best friend and ex get on so well, do not put it past them hitting it off. Loyalties can be crossed once you introduce feelings for the opposite sex and this will seem like a betrayal to you. Wrapping up things it is important to decipher exactly what I’m saying and that is; these situations always get out of hand. Whether your friend does something with your ex or not you might feel a certain way about that situation, and that could end up with you destroying your friendship. So friend ease off the communication and stick to your  best friend and not your best friends ex.


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