Come Over & Watch a Film

Is it really a innocent notion for a man to invite a female friend over to watch DVD’s and ice-cream? There is a serious question here to answer for because there are plenty of females and males who would argue the act is innocent, really? What even if one of you has a boyfriend/girlfriend. Were not just talking about walls ice-cream in some huge blue tub which you dish into a ceramic bowl; were talking about Haagen Dazs/ Ben’n’Jerry. You share the tub and eat with two spoons, mixing that with a DVD, and you and this friend being alone. Its suspect alone when a man invites a girl to watch a DVD but add Haagen Dazs to the equation; this is serious.

Intimacy of a Setting

Someone once told me “you can cheat anywhere.” And they were damn right but to invite someone into your home is offering a place of comfort, intimacy and closed doors; which makes it that much easier for something to happen. Unless your a ratcheted woman; you and your  friend will not be having sex in Costa coffee. Now we are not too naive to assume that mad things happen behind closed doors and that’s exactly the setting you’ll be watching this DVD and spooning cookie dough in. We already know you won’t be standing up for the duration of the film; there are two common places friends sit to watch movies and that is the bedroom bed or the living room sofa. One would suspect you won’t be sitting on opposite sides of the sofa either, because you’re friends and you have a degree of familiarity. The worst thing about this situation is that if the meetings become more frequent; the closer, the more inappropriate your interactions become as the lines which you cannot cross become slowly coroded.

DVD Choice

Certain males will play it off like they want to watch a film like “love note”; but they make it out like their are scared of what their boys will think. So why doesn’t he invite his girlfriend? Another excuse; because she wouldn’t appreciate the film and she’s working. Do not be fooled by such trickery; if he really wanted to watch that film; he’d stream that online or go get the DVD and watch it at home ALONE NO FOOD. Women will be thinking this man is so in touch with his feminine side; no he’s just running that lyric to make you feel nice and sweet. Furthermore just to let you know; horror films is a classic DVD choice and runs the best game with the inclusion of Ice-cream. There is a formation for watching a horror films. Depending on what the female is like with this genre will influence what role the male will take; if the female doesn’t cower and rather laughs at the film then the male will take on the role of being scared. Why is this so? You as a female will find him funny; you’ll take the piss out of him but unknowingly he’s roping you in. You’re seeing a sensitive side. If the roles are reversed and the female doesn’t like horrors; the male will remain strong and create the impression through such tactics as putting his arm around her to make her feel protected.


Now you’re behind closed doors it will only be a matter of time before you upgrade your bronze relationship status for a silver membership. From platonic friends too flirtationship; which has three levels, non-verbal, verbal and physical.

Non verbal is the use of body language, so things such as how you catch your friend watching you for too long or you catch each other’s eye or perhaps the hugs are just that bit too long.

Verbal is the second most evident; and everyone has experienced it. The categories are many under this type of flirting; it can be sexual, complementary, comical or sarcastic. “You couldn’t even handle me anyway.” “Don’t lie you like my body.” “Nah your bum doesn’t need to grow any bigger.” These comments seem simple innocent enough but unregulated they lead to the third tier of flirtationship.

Physical is what you guessed it was. It is simply the touchy feely behavior both sets of individuals exert on each other. These can be anywhere from play-fights to discovering each other’s bodies with the thing you call your hands. There is also an innocent act of having bodily contact such as; laying on each other, having your arm around each other and cuddling up.

You recognize these categories don’t you and now your assessing your friendships and wondering what level you are in with your opposite sex friend.

Boundaries Eroded

The trouble with such behaviour is you condition yourself to corrode the barriers which would otherwise prevent you from doing anything with your friend. Again if the meet ups are regular then the quicker the lines erode, like scribbles drawn in the sand. Once you achieve silver status in your relationship of flirtationship; there is no going back. There is either; descend and stop being friends or you go on to having sex, sharing a kiss or having oral sex; whichever comes to the forefront first. The marker is like a world record being broken; once it happens you don’t compare everyone else’s time to the old record do you. So the bar is being pushed further and further up until the record is broken once again (sex).

Conclusion being behind closed doors eating and watching DVD’s seem innocent enough but you can’t take that chance if you want your friendship to remain platonic. There are many male and females who have spouses and will happily go to a mate’s house and do exactly as I’ve stated above. If you play with fire then you’re sure to get burnt. If nothing happens untoward; one of you would have made a move or thought about it seriously. In that case these friendship DVD sessions are wet floors waiting for someone to slip and fall. Don’t fall into such a trap when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend; there are something’s in life that just shouldn’t be done and this is one of them. If your man says they’re going to a female mate’s house to watch a couple DVD’s or vice versa; its best you shut that down immediately. Trust him yes but do not give lea ways for your partner to exploit and fall prey to these spider webs. Watch a film and eat Haagen Dazs alone behind the comfort of your laptop 1channel is very good for watching films i hear. You’re free to disagree but the Gentlemen Extraordinaire has spoken. Jojo

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