Gentleman in the hood

The room was pitch dark and Devarn felt the tension in his arms as he sat half naked in a chair, with his hands tied behind is back. There was could feel the presence of another in the room but he couldn’t tell where. The smell of chocolate and strawberries filled the air, he could almost tastes the flavours with his tongue. Devarn flinched as tassles brushed against his skin and the crackling of a whip made him jolt. He was helpless against the powers in control.
‘Open your mouth,’ demanded the female voice, putting two fingers in his mouth. He could taste the melted chocolate tickle his tastebuds. ‘Suck the chocolate off my fingers,’ instructed Selena firmly, running her other hand down his chest. ‘What’s all these scratches?’ She questioned tracing his raised skin with her finger. Devarn didn’t reply but his heart rate was beating rapidly. ‘You still scratch yourself don’t you in your sleep,’
Devarn nodded his head and secretly thanked her for giving him an excuse to get out of that one. He didn’t have long to ponder on his guilt as his cold hands touched his erect dick, then warm air from her lips and finished with her tongue circling the top of his head.   ‘Damn,’ he groaned wondering what was next.
‘You like that don’t you baby,’ stated Selena, squirting some gel type liquid onto his bishop and massaging. Each time her hands slide up and down he could feel this very warm and tingly sensation building.
Selena rose up and gave him a kiss on the lips before swallowing his train whole in her mouth, wasting little time. If he couldn’t see before he could now, bright colours of a fantasy. ‘Wow,’ he said out loud, he wasn’t going to last much longer the way she was sucking, the girl was a pro. The combination of whatever this gel was and her wet and wonderful mouth made his ruler feel on fire. ‘I’m gonna cum in a minute, ah shit I’m gonna cum’ whispered desperately Devarn.
Selena slowed down her pace dramatically coming to a complete stop. ‘You don’t cum, unless I tell you to.’ She untied him from the chair and told him to lie flat, it was her turn. ‘Are you ready?’ She asked not waiting for an answer before mounting his face. Her knees pressed the floor and she could feel the tickling of his warm breathe on her clit. ‘Eat,’ she demanded, sitting on his face. ‘Oh Gosh yes.’
Devarn used his tongue and played with edges of her love button, dancing and flashing across it, till she couldn’t take no more. He enveloped her clit in his mouth and created a vaccum, never slowing down. Her wet juices dribbled onto his chin, occassionally as he took trips down south being careful not to travel to far. Selena pressed down harder and began moving her hips in a circular motion creating famaliar euphoric feelings of love, lust and sexual inhibitions being realized. Her thighs clamped even tighter around his head, she was there. ‘Fuck yeah, faster,’ she cried tilting his head upwards. Intoxicated by his lips and drunk off the sexual high. She shook like an eruption and jolted as if hit by thousands of bolts of electricity. Selena breathed easy and flopped off besides Devarn, panting heavily as if she had been the one working out.
‘Baby I got some business to attend to,’ announced Selena finding the energy to get up.
Devarn looked skywards at her naked body. ‘I’m standing to attention and you just gonna leave Devon hanging.’
Selena knelt down and teased him with a little kiss on the head. ‘That’s what in store for you tonight if your a good boy. I promise to let you tear it up from every angle,’ promised Selena. ‘Till then sort yourself out.’ She threw a durex lubrication bottle at him; ‘enjoy bobo,’ she encouraged popping into the shower.
He couldn’t even see straight, all he could think about was sex, sex and more sex. She looked so sexy walking away from him with her hot naked olive skin, brunette hair and  cute frame. It was a shame he wasn’t going to be here tonight.


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