Love and Hip Hop

Love and Hip Hop

After watching the latest episode I decided enough was enough and I was going to say my piece. Rasheeda is a very strong powerful black woman but here timing for brutal conversations is poor. Yandy and Mendeeces are actually a loving couple but what did she expect her man to do about female ghosts from the past. Joe and Tahiry is something most females can identify; and looking closely Budden is far more psychology with the mind games then I previously thought. Rich Dollarz may be looked at as a softie but he’s a real man and I can respect such ambitions and respect he has for Erica. And I’ll discuss more later.

Erica and Rich

This is one of the more unnerving relationships on LHH this year. I struggle to fully believe Erica’s as deeply involved in the relationship as Rich is finding himself in. The waters are muddying and as the weeks past Erica battles her apparent fear of giving herself over versus her apparent love for Rich. Many would argue that Dollarz is a bit of a sap. I don’t believe so; how many men out there have given up morals, attitudes, values and more for the love of a woman. A real man can canvas his emotions but also a good leader knows how and when to use such feelings. Rich just got in too deep too quick with a female who was still battered and bruised from a past relationship and her baggage made it hard for anybody but rich to overlook her rowdy, explosive and often independent behavior. One thing is for sure don’t judge a book by its cover; but Erica you gotta sign a deal your name is not Drake.

Tahiry and Joe

I don’t think people understand just how psychological Joe is being towards Tahiry. This relationship is the classic Ex not being able to know how to be without the other; they’d rather be arguing and at each others throats then have no contact. Although what Is evident is Joe can’t handle not having Tahiry around and he always finds a way to rope her in; he still loves her. His girlfriend is great for trusting his clart but he just needs an opportunity to fall into Tahiry’s pit. He knew he was never going to be on his exes track but he decided to string her along; he was relapsing he used her as his support, at the party with rocky he in sighted the beef, he invited Tahiry to his concert and now he shows up at her video shoot. Its nothing short of a game of love; he does not want to be away from Tahiry; maybe its time she got a man like he’s supposed to have a chick. That would put some sort of barrier between them to at least stem this flow. Do not be fooled by Joe’s calm voice; he is very calculating and knows how to wind up his ex and thus reels her back in emotionally.

Rasheeda and Rocky

Well these two powerhouses are really going at it, blow for blow, and eye for and eye. I don’t care whose done what in the past but the insults traded at a charity event does concern me. Rasheeda is on her second strike for me; at your own launch party you decided to confront Yandy about your business. That’s great but have some decorum, have some respect and have some tact. When she began confronting Rocky and Yandy; she began with soft and understanding then went into hood mentality and cattiness. Relax you know, you have a grievance but check it in the right manner. Your coming off all King Kong with that aggression and that on a women isn’t to sexy if you ask me.

Rocky is telling everybody about Jen the Pen without telling the whole truth. Now you bringing in Loreal and not listing the whole truth; besides that Loreal then left her presence thinking Consequence was a white supremacist. Although I don’t agree with the line lightskin is the rightskin, total nonsense. Rocky has got a foul mouth and Jen was right to check her; flirting is one thing but talking manhoods on air is not respectable. Its a shame because she’s gaining so many enemies; Rasheeda, Tahiry, consequence and now Jen. The list is just piling up by the minute; it says a lot about you when you compile lists of enemies and they bond over you.

Jen and Consequence

Very short and sweet; sweetie you knew exactly what you were getting into when you got into this man, but at the same time I sympathize. You have a wife who is of a very different culture and faith; Christmas is one of those seasonal holidays that most now celebrate. In any relationship there has to be push and pull, give and take and compromise. Jen is giving all but receiving very little; although maybe if she stopped those crocodile tears and made her point feverishly and with clarity, maybe just maybe he’d listen. In any case that situation aint changing; hunny just be happy he loves you, cares for you, respects you and give you a small but very feasible budget to work with.


LHH its a lot to deal with but I will finish on one note; Rich’s mum is real to the bone. Lil Scrappy last season had his mum saying real life stuff but promoting behavior which was just unacceptable and Jone’s mum was just Psychotic Beech*. All in all this season is looking like a far more interesting prospect once analyzed on a deeper note; conflict does not need somebody to put “paws” on the other. This year conflict is with the words and Chinese whispers that is flying round. Jojo I’m out.


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