What Would You Do? Episode 2

What would You Do? Episode 2

In light of the recent TV series Catfish and after reading a news article it brought an idea to attention.
What would you do if you had been dating your partner for six months and this happened.

You: What’s up with you?
Partner: Do you love me?
You: Yeah
Partner: Do you trust me?
You: Yeah, what is it? You know you can tell me anything. (Famous last words)
Partner: I’ve got to tell you something but I don’t want you to be angry.
You: I won’t, promise. (Famous Last Words)
Partner: Ok, I used to be a Man/Woman

Pause right there. What is the proper response in this situation, what’s PC, what’s the required answer here. The truth is there isn’t one and the choice you have to make is one that will involve a wave of emotions and will probably require you to sit down; but here are things to consider.

I can’t even begin to Fathom just exactly how I’d be feeling but I do definitely know that there would be blood split; God forgive me. How can you partner turn around and tell me that they used to be a man and I’d be cool with it. My response would be outlandish and extra-ordinary.

1st Reaction – Ask if you’re joking, ask where the camera at and ask you to stop playing about?

2nd Reaction – Confirmation that your not lying. My jaw will literally hit the floor and I’d need a seat to process the information.

3rd Reaction – Grab myself a glass of water, pray a quick prayer of forgiveness.

4th Reaction – Attempted Murder will be the charge they place on me in court a few months later and I’ll happily plead guilty. No but really I’d need to find out exactly why you did this to me? Why lie? Why Me? How could I not see it? When did you do this?
I’d have more questions than answers.

Considering my above responses, I guess I was thinking in a very diplomatic and conservative mind frame. I’ve slapped people for far less so now I think about it, your ass would get turned up. You don’t just keep that kind of information to yourself and come clean, like nothing will happen. It would be because I’m feeling you that my reaction is going to be so crazy; what man would be happy knowing they slept with another man. I would be so disgusted and I’d probably throw the hell up. What I know is the relationship would be dead from that moment you uttered them words. Are you crazy I’m not that guy. Gentlemen extraordinaire Jojo


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