Champions League 2012-2013 Quarter Final

Paris Saint German vs Barcelona

This is the Mega tie that people are going to talk about and it leaves the possibility of a all Spanish Final. Although we had that last year and it didn’t happen; so let’s concentrate on now. Paris Saint German are a relatively newly thrown together team with big names and stars against arguably the world’s best team. What makes it even more special will be Ibrahimovic’s return to the Nou Camp.


Key Player:

Lionel Messi will be important to Barcelona, if he fails to perform then so will the team. The question of how to stop him is one that nobody seems to have the answer for but I remember him for Argentina against Greece. Papadopoulos man marked him out of the game.

Watch Out:

Lavezzi will be present in both legs and both his legs can help him stretch beyond the reach of any defender once he’s got the ball at his feet. He’ll need to take on the mantle in France to give his side the best chance and with his lightening pace and an eye for goal, he might just do that.

Game Changer:

This will be the second leg in the Nou Camp, can PSG do what AC Milan failed to do. Importantly Ibrahimovic will be back from suspension and he’ll need to be what Drogba was last year and more was at Barcelona. The atmosphere can dominate any away side and dupe them into a lackluster performance, if PSG are still in it, they will need to Command the respect of Barca fans by neutralizing and frustrating the fans.

One Tip: Kettle Barcelona attacks to the wing and you’ll stand a better chance.


Prediction: Barcelona will hand PSG the ticket home; the second leg will see the Catalonia club cross the line.


Real Madrid vs Galatasaray


It will be interesting to see how the past disciples, Drogba  and Sneidjer cope with facing their mentors Jose Mourinho. Last year Arjen Robben was in the same position last year and came through triumphant. Can it be the same for Sneidjer and Drogba; Jose will certainly not want to fall short at this particular hurdle.

Key Player:

Christiano Ronaldo could prove the deciding factor between both teams; if his head is on the game then he can take on a whole team by himself.

Watch Out:

Yilmaz is joint top scorer this year in the competition and if he can continue that form, then he may be a very dangerous threat indeed.

Game Changer:

If Galatasaray are in touching distance, then the second leg at home will be an absolute storm of a match. The atmosphere will whipped up into a frenzy and the fans will become the twelfth man.


Prediction: Fantastic game to look forward too but I think the dream will end hear for the Turkish side.


Bayern Munich vs Juventus


This will be a very tender hooked match which I anticipate many twists and turns. Both teams very much love to use the wings and it will be the full backs going forward and defending that can decide the tie for both teams.


Key Players:

Schweinsteiger was a loser last year but his performances this year in the competition have warranted a return to the final once again this year; his leadership/ aggression and goals will be a key feature in the quest for silverware.



Arturo Vidal/ Andreas Pirlo These two bright sparks were instrumental in the downfall of Chelsea and were key in helping overcome Celtic. Andrea Pirlo is steady and at 33 has the experience and the vision to decipher any coded defence with one pass. Vidal is the engine in that middle park that can get stuck in and contribute to goal wise to his teams tally. One asset the Chilean brings to the table is his comfortable ease of using both his feet.


Game Changer:

Can Juventus can sneak an away goal because their home form in the competition has good enough to see them through. You can easily see them scoring one or two goals away if Bayern collapse as they did against Arsenal.


Prediction: Bayern will just have too much for Juventus over the two legs.


Malaga vs Dortmund

This will probably will be one of the most open games of the quarter final and both matches will be a spectacle to watch. Both teams are considered under dogs to the other teams from their domestic leagues. This game has goals written all over it but how many times has that been said.


Key Player:

Matt Hummels is a dominant and fierce German defender but he also is technically gifted and proficient in setting up attacks from the back. The strong defender is quick and a good header of the ball; he may find himself on the score sheet as well as keeping goals out.


Watch Out:

Joaquin Sanchezonce held the world aloft with his eye for beating his man on the wing and producing a sterling crosses. His stock since those Real Betis days, have long since decreased, but he’s found a maturity to his game since joining Malaga CF and his assists and goals will be pivotal to the progression of the super rich Malaga CF.


Game Changer:

Lewandowski light up the world stage last year and if he can replicate his form in the late stages of the competition, it will be hard for Malaga to beat Dortmund.


Predictions: I really can’t see past Dortmund on this one.


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