Large Fries, coke and Big Tasty

When your in a fast food restaurant and you notice an obese person walk in happily and procure a meal; as truthfully as possible what are your immediate thoughts. Moreover why is it Fat people make a whole host of excuses about why their big.
Why are you here? You don’t need no more food. Grab a salad and to go. I hope all that food isn’t for you. Whatever you think I can guarantee most of us would have unconsciously made a judgement about the persons weight. Its sad but human beings are very critical and judgemental of others. But can you blame humans in judging when you see someone who is clearly overweight in a restaurant which sells food which won’t benefit you.

Ordering Big

The worst thing about seeing obese people in a fast food restaurant is that even with their size their ordering a Large Big Tasty, with Large Fizzy drink and this only contributes to my attitude towards obese people. As many of us have witnessed, we see obese individuals change their drink to a diet form. How would that negate the hugely fatty burger and fries you eat alongside that fizzy drink?

I heard one overweight woman say; “oh well I’m fat anyway,” and ordered another chicken Legend. I wasn’t sure whether to applaud the women or be distraught. I’m glad your comfortable in your skin but isn’t it horrific that you know your big but your still eating huge quantities of McDonald’s. Once you know your overweight this is half the battle; get the running and yield no more excuses.

2nd – Hate running; but its the cheapest form of exercise. Pay 4 gym but u dun use it. A lot of fat people have gym membership but have no real desire or knowledge to lose weight and end up wasting time and money. Whilst hitting the ground running around your housing area will be far more accessible and cheaper to do and requires no real technicality.

3rd – Eating habits, midnight feast tweeting about it etc social media. People forget part of the battle of losing weight is the times of when you eat, and what you eat. You can’t be eating KFC at 9pm when you have no chance of burning off that fat. That’s a bad eating habit.

4th – Sociable Eating, I understand that amongst company you tend to consume far more calories but in order to combat that you need to insert some discipline otherwise you’ll be eating far more than you would on your own. If you know you’ve eaten your quota then relax; don’t go to a place where food may be tempting you.

5th – Don’t Blame Fast Food, it really annoys me when people blame McDonald’s, KFC and more for their size. No this is unacceptable and you should never blame an in ornate object for your troubles. The hurdle is not the problem its you not being able to get over it. Calories don’t build up on their own; exercise not your mouth but your body. Stop going to such restaurants; cook more, drink less fizzy and more water.

Side Note –

Stay calm about this but please if you’re big please dress accordingly. Trying to dress like Beyonce on a night out will not work for you; you can be big and dress attractively but it starts with knowing what works for you. Jeggins are probably not the best idea if your thighs are wedge; it does look stupid and unattractive. Tight fitting close are an absolute no go; this world is cruel and you’ll end up a social media trend. So please just keep that In mind when you dress up.


Do not think the Gentlemen was being offensive towards obese people; its merely an expression of frustration about a set of people who often use excuse after excuse to not be able minded and fit. It is important to address this issue because people are just eating mad amounts of food in their current state and expecting the weight to drop off. It will never happen that way and skinny girls do not think your metabolism will last forever; you putting away mad amounts of food and no exercise will catch up to you. Gentlemen Jojo has spoken


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