Love and Hip Hop – 2

Another week another whirlwind of incidents to report on Love and Hip Hop. Aside the show rumours and video evidence supported a strong claim that consequence punched Joe Budden unawares to which Tahiry Muay Thai slapped Consequence in the face. Royal Rumble ensued and it was every producer, photographer, film crew and music artists for themselves. Later that week Joe seemed to get the better of consequence by flooring his ass; it wasn’t time to pray but he was wishing Allah was on his side in that moment. Jen the pen unfortunately couldn’t use her white male/female contacts to save her man. Maybe if she had kept her friendship with Rocky, maybe she could’ve shown Joe why they made film after film about his ass “Eye of the Tiger”.

Mendeece as we will see in next week episode; seems to be embroiled in a R.Kelly movement allegation. Having sex with a minor at the age of 15 when he was 20. I’ve always said that people will do anything for cash; it will sadden you that even the most convincing of allegations do rightly turn out to be false. What I’m interested in is the fact Mendeece is tied up in another charge of trafficking drugs worth up to 2.5million. Damn this guy had that sweet boy face; little did we know he could potentially be moving so much food (drugs) of so much worth. You know his street credibility just went through the roof. In no way am I praising his behaviour but rather I’m shocked at the limits Mendeece reached.

Mendeece and Yandy

Following on from there on a positive note; damn Mendeece went and dropped them four words, “Will You Marry Me.” The guy came good; he kept it romantic but still kept his tough boy reputation. This relationship is one of the realest on the show; I said that last time and it was a smooth move using the mum to get to Yandy. Trust and believe the info will get back to Yandy if it already hadn’t happened. Although by the sounds of it Mendeece is on last strike; any more women and its to the curb. Hopefully he don’t do that and they have a fairytale life.


Well where do I begin; Erica is lucky Yandy was trying to be nice and trying to be a friend because Erica is still acting like Rich is the aggressor. Did she sign the contract? Didn’t she do her own bookings? Wasn’t Rich’s plan not good enough? All in all after Rich backed you; she still took Liberties and in the end Olivia sneakily took the song knowingly and probably made it vocally ten times better.

Rich’s mum always surprises me by how astute her mind and perception is; because from day she’s voiced her concern over Rich’s ex. No more so than this episode where she accuses Erica of being manipulative and even then Erica tried to laugh it off. The girl is a trip and the stunt at Dollarz house with sexy Lingerie will get you sexed up and left easy. You had your chance you blew it girl.

Rich Dollarz surprised me when we found out Tiffany his ex was spying for him; jaw dropping moment. All this time the blogs were cussing Rich saying he was weak; that manoeuvre right there was just nasty. Olivia as usual had her two pence say; she should stick to sitting back on the fence. How and why Tiffany accepted Spy responsibility is apparent; she wants Rich for herself and she did not care how she got to that destination. Rich Dollarz has shown some grit and steel that would make the game players proud.

Rocky Relationship

Poor woman; she tries to be people’s friend but ends up being the enemy. The common denominator as E said is her and in black and white without going deeper she gets too emotional too quick and that works against her. Joe Budden situation she handled that badly; she said so many people wanted to put hands on him, where are they now? Rasheeda and her continual beef; she should’ve showed class and walked away, easier said than done. Consequence breakdown was entirely Rocky fault; she overstepped boundaries, took things way to far. You don’t insult a man’s girl and think its bless. Rocky needs to learn tact is a beautiful thing and used correctly; you van say a lot of things on your mind and avoid confrontation and aggravation. As Yandy said “You aint Dr.Phil of the hood” Rocky your words got power but its raw and un tamed; learn to control your opinion and you’ll win more friends than lose them.

Tahiry and Joe

Wow wow and wow. These two together were only on the screen a minute or two but in that instant a lot happened that I must comment on. Joe Budden have you been smoking Bud. Women take note; just because your man comes home to you at night does not mean he isn’t cheating/creeping/double dipping in some other women during the day. Kaylin why are you being so understanding? No to say that you don’t like your man interacting with his ex is not insecure its called Prevention. Don’t try and be a perfect girlfriend; men are like children you gotta give them boundaries so they know not to do certain things. Ex’s should not be interacting as Joe and Tahiry are doing.

Joe psychological Warfare
For those who are watching LHH closely we have seen in the past episodes Joe draw Tahiry in like Fish on the end of a hook. First it was his rehabilitation and cooking for him after losing a bet; next it was her music and accepting to be on the remix, then telling his girl knowing she’d disapprove, turning up at the video shoot unannounced, and now he wants to fly with her to see her dad. Hold up, Joe went one step further by giving Tahiry sponsorship money. Pause, did he consult his girl on this we’ll see next week. But all amongst this Joe has One sneaky bar in between all this mess.

Joe’s Bar‘s
The first sneaky Line Joe dropped was at Tahiry’s job when he went to see her after Tahiry and Kaylin got into a fight. Real talk this guy dropped this line “threesome, me you and Kaylin” now he said it in a joke manner but best believe in his head that he wasn’t joking. Nah first off there was no reason for him to make such a joke; how would he feel if Kaylin dropped that line on a dude. He’s about that nonsense and because he knows he has the trust of his girl and he’s using it to his advantage.

If you thought Tahiry was innocent in all this then your wrong. She knows that Joe is sniffing around but she’s not stopped him; instead she has let him grow closer. The latest episode when they spoke she dropped this line when Joe showed up. “Sure you don’t want to just have lusty sex on the beach.” Ok when she drops this clanger what does that mean? She knows that Joe is over stepping boundaries but she is not about to put him back in his place; because shock she loves him. See why Ex’s are trouble its madness; love never makes sense. Tahiry and Joe will kick rocks if Kaylin don’t put a stop to the relationship.


Let’s wrap this up quickly. Its going to be a crazy and mad episode next week and I don’t know how these people are going to cope. Joe better be on bud if/when he tells Kaylin he is flying to DR Congo. Trust Kaylin gonna be grilling his ass about such a decision. Rocky better stop throwing verbal punches because their doing more harm to her than anyone else. Yandy I hope finds happiness because she is wise beyond her years and loves her man wholly. Mendeece I hope you haven’t transported any drugs. Rich Dollarz I hope you got sexually what you needed from Erica because she will come so cold Eskimo’s will have nothing on her. Finally let’s see what Tiffany will bring to the table.
The Gentlemen Jojo has spoken.


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