Monopoly The Game For Winners


Never heard of the word above? No, well that’s because it was forged from the lips of a deceitful and persuasive character one night. The words describe the action of an individual who does anything in his power to win, baring no surrender or submission to unwritten rules. No bones or remorse about their actions. Many of us will know a person like this close to home, in the home or are indeed that character themselves with no doubt a naughty smile spreading across their face as they read this.

The early hours of four am one night a game of Monopoly had descended into a frenzy of aggressive and passionate arguments. Brothers became Cain and Able and Friends became foes; one thing was for sure and that was everybody wanted to win but there could only be one victor.

 Justification of Scumbaggary

Playing a board game like Monopoly requires you to evoke the spirit of “Scumbaggary,” and how could you resist such fortitude. It’s like playing Grand Theft Auto and stopping at every red light; being deceiving and absent thought towards the letter of the law will definitely get you further in any game. Monopoly is quintessential of business entrepreneurship; most of those who know business well already know every successful business does perform “Scumbaggary” acts/deeds. You might not believe but here’s a thought; Primark shoppers how can clothes be so cheap? Slave labour and even instances of child labour. Do not think well established brands are exempt; 2001 ‘NIKE‘ finally admitted its involvement in child labour; is this not a form of “Scumbaggary?” Granted the deed is greater but how many of us turn away from NIKE. If it’s in the real world; best believe on a board game it will be ever present with individual players.

There are so many ways which are afforded as common courtesies during a course of play and “Scumbaggary” just exploits those unwritten codes.

 Watch out For the Scumbag Movements

 Attention, Be-Aware, Concentration

The simple ABC is to help individuals avoid contentious moments, which will become prominent as the game becomes more delicately balanced. Pay close attention to what’s being played on the board; your competitor (Friend) may have landed on your street, be-aware and state your claim because “Scumbaggary” tactics will nullify a competitors lips from obscurity and rob you of your due payment. Concentrate and never lose focus on dice rolls, movement of competitors and potential opportunities. Watch out because the moment the die is cast you cannot retrieve anything from the last action which may have affected you.

 Bad Deals

A lot of us would have a bad experience with negotiating with an individual/Organization/Business and the words “scumbag” have closely followed post to transaction/discussion. Such is it in life, as it is in game of Monopoly. Being an utter complete scumbag in such lights; requires a quickness of thought, careful strategic analysis, sharpness of tongue, strong mind and a very persuasive charm to get an individual to bend to your will and trade streets for an individual’s purpose. Your probably asking how this is “Scumbaggery?” Well the answer is written in the next paragraph.

 Weak Individuals

In most cases of Monopoly there is a player(s) who are weak of mind, gameplay/tactical knowledge or are easily coheres-ed. Relationships between individuals and how they are perceived will be half the battle one or lost. A friendship band of three or more; is highly likely that one of you is weaker in the social group rankings and this will be the person often that is also exploited by the “Scumbaggary” player seeking to make a bad deal or bend the other to their will.

 Control and Domination (Power)

In business companies like Tesco, Microsoft and Apple seek to control, dominate and monopolise their markets by amassing power through acquisition, growth and shutting out other competitors. During the course of the game one individual will grasp hold of the reins of power, and will seek to control the proceedings. Altering; interfering and determining who will next bankrupt or be put in a detrimental position. The act itself isn’t “Scumbaggary” but as often witnessed, the individual refuses to get their hands dirty and will play off other competitors against one another. The scumbag moment comes from the delight in being so deceiving and evasive in planning the downfall of he/she’s competitors. Don’t forget that evil looking smile which slowly spreads across ones face, “Scumbaggary” in full swing.

 Element of Luck

In any game luck or fate whichever you look at it, plays a minor or substantial role and none more so here. Monopoly relies on good dice throws to get you round the board quickly and in much tighter situations; requires sleight of hand to throw exact numbers. It’s not cheating its insuring protection of oneself and properties.


“Scumbaggary” isn’t all that bad, but to win in a game in any capacity you need some sort of “Scumbaggary”; life itself is one big reality game and nice guys unfortunately finish simpletons and the scumbags of life ascend to greatness. Everyone has had moments when they’ve given into that inner demon and; rolled the dice quickly so to avoid payment or obstruct competitors, some have sat next to the bank and fattened their wallet, others will lie, trick and pretend to create allegiances only with the intention to turn on friend. Whatever the “Scumbaggary” deed it is important to note there is a common denominator with the game and life and that is the importance of control, power and wealth accumulation. Do not underestimate the power of money and its jarring influence over individuals. Morals are but words written in the sand awaiting the wind to blow its sentiment away. What are moral’s to a gamer whose life is outside of monopoly and what are morals to a man in life who will one day lay bones next to the rich and poor all the same. Playing a game like Monopoly; should prepare you for life in the real lane. Embrace the scum within you as many people do and see to it you win.


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