Love and Hip Hop 3

The craziness of Episode 11 is evident for everyone to see and there was so much that happened within that condensed forty minute viewing. Where to start? In a nutshell Rocky produced a half hearted, tame apology which was rightfully rejected and thrown where it belonged, back in her damn face. Jen and Consequence are just something else; they give a balanced view on how a working relationship should be handled but quite frankly I tire of their merry-go-round relationship. Jen you knew what you signed up for and the only way to back out is to leave the relationship but she isn’t about to do that; the money is nice. If there ever was a word for absolute craziness then it should be encompassed with three names; Rich, Tiffany and Erica. What the hell? What the hell? What the hell? So Tiffany’s been sleeping with Erica and Rich been sleeping with Erica and soon to be sleeping with Tiffany; it’s all too much but an intervention is desperately needed. Joe, Tahiry and Kaylin; three seems to be the magic number once again and the love triangle was predictable. Your ex is your ex; don’t confuse her with a friend that is why you call it ex, meaning the past. It was inevitable; but honestly who would ever let their boyfriend go on holiday with their ex. Joe thinks he’s something but the truth is he is a mere man like the rest of us, the whole time he visited Tahiry and asked for threesomes and all the rest of the nonsense he was courting his ex. He knew that, we damn sure well knew that and Tahiry was bright she knew that but she didn’t want him to stop. The only oblivious person it seems was Kaylin. Last and not least; the beloved and most sincere couple on here is Mendeece and Yandy who’s biggest threat is now the court case hanging over their head. The sins of the father always catch up and will affect the son; if he doesn’t beat the case then he will suffer and so will his family but shouldn’t people receive second chances?

Rocky and Tahiry

Let’s be clear from the beginning; Rocky was only apologising to Tahiry because she was forced to do so in order to further her business relationship with Joe. So from the fore front the apology is forced, far from truth and really not from the heart and most human beings can sense a pushed apology.  In any walk of life when you want to apologise for something there may be a few projectiles physically or in Tahiry’s case verbally but what you want to do is avoid throwing missiles back. Rocky said her sorry and then proceeded to get into a contested argument with Tahiry nullifying her attempt at an apology. If you had a job to do execute it with precision and care; relax Rocky and take the missiles, take a couple shots to the temple by listening and not talking and when your opponent runs out of steam, you say “im sorry” then walk away. It was that simple; but because Rocky has a habit of trying to be apparently “Dr Phil of the Hood,” she spoke out of turn and the once apology turned into an apologetic shouting match about a man who was as Tahiry said “playing them like puppets.” Tahiry doesn’t get away scot free neither; if you know you’re being played why continue to be a puppet on the string unless you like that position. #JoeWins

Tiffany, Rich, Olivia and Rich Mum

The lord better have mercy on this quartet because it is spiralling quickly out of control; it’s hard to keep track of what is what, who is doing who and why people are doing what they do. The whole situation is like a bundle of wires behind your stationed television/computer and having to untangle the jungle vine mess. Tiffany is sleeping with Erica but still loves Rich; again why are ex’s even involved in your current relationship. Note to readers; keep your ex as far away from you as possible because you could end up like a jungle vine mess like Rich. A few weeks ago people though Rich was a moist and soft buttercup scout who let Erica run all over him but now quickly i bet people are retracting earlier sentiments about the fellow. The whole time he had Erica watched; and that watcher was his ex and that leads me to believe that Rich knew exactly what he was doing with Erica. Don’t be fooled by a man who puts up this helpless nature because he is the one who is orchestrating everything. Cynical point of view; Rich was never going to cut the record with Erica but he also knew he was never going to get any further than hello and bye with the girl if he didn’t offer her something. The guy just like us knows this girl cannot sing but thought here could be a money making opportunity, please. Rich men like Rich are not stupid they know the game very well; the gentlemen extraordinaire Jojo believes he planned this whole thing in his head.

Intervention on Rich’s behalf is needed if they believe Rich genuinely believes that Erica has a position in the musical world. Then indeed he truly needed an intervention because interceding on the level Rich’s mum and Olivia came at was the wrong angle. Ask most men if they care whether a girl like Erica liked both men and women slept with their ex and then in turn he had the opportunity to sleep with both of them. You probably won’t hear many complaints from the male perspective of the spectrum; so an intervention to stop him having sex with Erica is falling on death plight. He agreed to stop sleeping with her but he’s a man; he won’t stop just because Olivia and his mum said so. To be crude pussy is being served on a silver platter, why would he give that up? Just a quick note on an observation; how does Olivia have the power to say “she won’t fuck with Rich Dollarz no more.” I happen to like Olivia but being so declarative with your utterances could leave you out in the cold. Remember not long ago nobody wanted you and just as Rich did for Erica; he rode or died for you. So please have that in mind before December is a cold month for you and your record sales.

Mendeece and Yandy

This is arguably the realest couple and the one that most viewers can identify with sitting behind their TV screens. Their relationship is beautiful and you can’t help but at times say “wish i had that” but just like any relationship there is “scumbaggery” involved and those acts in the past are now haunting him and his family now. We already know he’s guilty of the crime because of the words he uses and how he broke it down to his son that he could be going away for a long time. Those words were one unfortunately of a guilty man but we all can see Mendeece is a good man and watching him we emotionally involve ourselves and want to naturally defend him. Gentlemen Extraordinaire Jojo is exactly the same until i sat down and critically analyzed the situation.

There will be some who will disagree but you have to be critical in you thinking and realise that Mendeecee’s past is going to catch up with him and rightly so. The words “Scumbaggery” come to mind when portraying this delicate situation. Do every mean justify the end? Because that is essentially what our case is for defending Mendeece. “Oh he’s a great father, great husband, and a great friend.” That’s all well and good but in the game of life in order for him to attain the quality of living he has, he’s cut certain corners to reach the top. Now even now readers will still feel a grievance against the case i’m building but let me put it in simpler terms.

Imagine you and few people are playing the simple game of snakes and ladders; you all begin at the Start and each of your fairly in turn gets to throw the dice. Now imagine if one of you picks up the dice and throws a four, lands on a snake but does not proceed to go down, instead they pick up the dice and throw again even though it was not their turn and end up winning the game. Would you as a player feel cheated or would you be okay with that? Let’s be honest with ourselves, life is a game and if everyone did as they pleased using “scumbagerry” tactics to achieve the final goal the world would be a colder place then it already is. So why is it then that we are giving Mendeece some Lea way; is it because he’s famous and we get a brief insight into his life that we concede that morally he was wrong for being involved in such an act. Whatever our emotional attachment we all know that Mendeece has committed past wrongs and has accelerated his process to high earnings and achievements; thus whatever is done in the dark will come to light and your sins will catch up with you now or in the next life. The day has come and if we can defend Mendeece then we can defend any common criminal or every sort of committed crime. It is yes undoubtedly a shame that such a good man of the present is going to jail for past sins but that is the future reality he faces. Your past, present and future are all interconnected. He better pray that his lawyer can spin a yarn and get him off; or its twenty five years without being able to see his son. #TheSinsOfTheFatherAffectTheSon


So much craziness is taking hold of this show this year and unlike Atlanta, it isn’t just Stevie J’s show. Were embarking on the road which could see Yandy and her children husband/fatherless, Rich become poor if he carries on down the lane picking trashy artists like Erica, Rocky being endangered of being knocked out in her own arena and Jen crying about something small and making of huge consequence. We just hope Rich really isn’t in love with Erica because that girl is so much smarter than she looks; her appearance is bewitching and you got to hope Rich isn’t falling deeper because the sex is good. However we look at it; if Mendeece doesn’t  make it and the court case is a rap for him, you’ve got to wonder the cousin who he manhandled must’ve know what he was talking about. He didn’t like his cousin’s man but sometimes you’ve got to listen to that guy feeling inside of you. Let’s hope next week will bring about the same madness that this week brought forward.

Lookout for the part ” installment with Tahiry and Joe Special


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