Are you Ready for Ride or Die?

Of late there has been a lot of talk about women claiming their ride or die for their man; but as lovely as this sounds it actually isn’t the best notion to pick up. Riding or dying always leads to death; you ride and you get killed in action, you don’t and you end up dying anyway, so why do you want to be Ride or Die?


Riding and dying always requires you to sacrifice something of yourself. Some will fiercely argue that they haven’t or won’t sacrifice anything but the sacrifice may come willing like the lamb on Alter or forcefully taken brutally from ones hands. Your sacrifice could be your home, family, business, education, health, finances or something else. In any case riding or dying requires you to give something up, are you willing to do so?

Power and Control

In any relationship the dynamics equate to how power each individual has. Saying or acting in a ride or die manner will always give your partner the reigns to the relationship; you will be underneath their thumb and their command. Giving up your power leads to more doors being opened for exploitation.

 Lack of Power leads to Abuse

When you give away your power and begin sacrificing things in your life, the door to abuse is widely opened. One definition for abuse is to wrongly misuse; so what is going to be misused in your relationship, well evidently, you. The most obvious abuse is verbal and physical but abuse can also be psychological and this is only possible when you give your power over. Your positive attitude to ride or die will reinforce the misuse and improper behaviour of your partner.

You versus Him

Ride or die could lead you to a situation where it will be you or them and are you ready to die for this partner. More than likely your partner will not be ride or die for you; furthermore they may sacrifice you in order to save themselves, emotionally, physically or both.


The term ride or die is used so loosely and so calmly it makes you wonder if women really knew what R&D entails. As you digest this small Tibet of information you can bet real women will change their mindset and views on being ride and die. It’s important to realise being ride or die can lead you to emotional or physical distress; are you ready to go jail/die/go against your family for your partner. Are you ready to give up things in your life to accommodate the bike of life you will be soon riding? Just think about it before you decide to be down for your man/girl. To those who are more than ready to be subservient, you have been warned. The Gentlemen has spoken Jojo.


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