In Work Relationships – The Problem

Being in a relationship is hard enough without adding the pressures of working together. Some may feel that working together has it benefits; but the modern relationships aren’t built on rock so being in each other’s proximity is inevitably going to lead to greater problems which will then affect your work relationship with your cohorts.

Dirty Laundry Aired

Many will say they would never air domestic problems in their place of work but what if your argument was about a cohort’s behaviour towards your partner and you see it reoccurring in front of your eyes. That many who claimed to never air dirty laundry would be the first to hang their clothes on the line; situations which involves stress and emotion are always likely to end up badly.

Rumour Mongers

Workplaces are hives for Chinese whispers and what happens when you become subject to the rumour mongers. They say there’s no smoke without fire; how long is it before that rumour is used as a tool in one of your domestic arguments against your partner.


Being at work just gives couples that chance to recharge their batteries and catch a breath. It also allows you as an individual to escape the relationship battlefield and concentrate on less emotional based demands, but if you both work at the same job it is very difficult to enter into a work arena without bringing emotions from home.


In the field of work it’s a chance to have freedom and a chance to be in a thought of mind other than you and your spouse. When you work with your partner your freedom is restricted, you have to be careful who you speak to less it affect your partner.

Double Team

Everyone comes into work and forms friendships/ partnerships and acquaintances. It is far more difficult to do that if people assume you and your couple as power team; when decisions are to be made and you truly believe your partner is making a decisive choice. You may be subject to taunts, rumours and voiced concerns that your only backing the decision because he/she is your lover. The problem also works the other way too; people may feel you try too hard to go against your partner or your spouse in turn may expect your backing.

Power Dispute

Imagine if your boyfriend/girlfriend transfers to your job and is immediately put into a position of power of you and they bring in their own culture and way of doing things and as an individual you may find it hard differentiating power at work and power within your relationship. Speaking especially to the men; to be in a work place where your woman is your boss and you as a male are used to wearing the trousers, there may be resistance from the male.

 Can’t form solid relationships

Relationships with work cohorts will make it harder to form friendships with individuals because you fear the perception your partner may have towards that individual mingling with you.


It is not impossible for a couple to navigate the course of their relationship whilst working together but it certainly does make it a more difficult task. It’s much more beneficial to separate work from your relationship and have that much breathing space so the relationship can re-energize. If there’s anybody’s word you should believe it’s the Gentlemen Extraordinaire Jojo.


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