Love & Hip Hop ATL Season 2 – 01

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Well it seems we have arrived at this station once again and just like the first season Stevie J will be the conductor driving our entertaining bus. The self-loved “rat face” is once again on our screens causing havoc and mayhem and can anyone say they didn’t miss him. New York was good series for many reasons but none of characters had a hold on us like Stevie J did or even Chrissy from the original Love and Hip Hop cast. There were many rumours as to who would star in this season’s reality TV show, but the original cast seems to have been retained which again many will agree was a good decision. Love and Hip-Hop had a perfect blend of larger than life characters, alongside entertaining drama. This season seems to be an epic battle of great proportion and Jojo will be here from the beginning blogging away each week

Season 2 -01 Mimi And Stevie J

You’ve got to love the way Love and Hip Hop cuts the very first scene of the show. Were drawn into thinking that Mimi; the baby mother of Stevie J is moving onwards and upwards away from her respectively disrespectful cheating husband. But low and behold Mimi comes out the bathroom after her positive little speech to Stevie J’s bedroom. Come on Mimi, you’re cock and bull story is not washing down well with people who have even half a brain. There was no real excuse for her to be there, she could’ve grabbed a hotel, motel or a stayed at a friend’s house. Don’t rich folk have contingency plans for such unforeseen circumstances? If you don’t know what i mean, go and watch the show immediately. To top it off later on Mimi is intent on staying in their marital home so Joseline cannot be around her child. Doesn’t your mouth want to just hit the floor, Mimi DO NOT blend Joseline into the equation when it comes to your daughter. Does this really make sense to you Mimi? It doesn’t really wash down well with me; it’s hard to swallow such a concoction of lies.

Lies, Lies and more lies. Mimi is really scared of having to grab herself a new piece of paper and redrawing a map of her life. Starting again is never easy and as Mimi said herself “she and Stevie J will always have a connection through their daughter.” That’s understandable but does that mean you have to move yourself back into the home where all the bad memories commenced. Not only that the woman resumed all house chores; cooking, cleaning and taking care of Stevie J domestically. Now all that is missing from the equation is for her to give up her body to him and she’ll be in exactly the same place she was last year. We all saw how that ended, and we can all testify that was not the prettiest of situations.

The worst thing about Mimi and Stevie J being in close quarters is the addition of Joseline to the household. Mimi is a complete #JaffaCake for coming back to the house which now holds Joseline and your ex. The even crazier thought is one which involves Mimi thinking that moving in would stop Joseline being around Stevie J. If you didn’t realise already, this was Mimi’s only goal, it had nothing to do with her daughter. If you listen closely when Mimi is in bed with Stevie J, the bus conductor plays with two fury animals and asks if the two toys would ever get back together. Mimi with her weak self tells him, “Perhaps it can happen if you remove the monkey in the middle.” Now tell me that Mimi moved in because of her daughter.

Joseline comes home from studio and see’s Mimi in the kitchen with Stevie J and because Stevie J wants to keep them both sweet, he allows Joseline to insult his baby mother and ex wife of how many years, calling Mimi “molly the maid”. This altercation leads to Joseline being escorted out of the premises on Mimi’s commands; win for the wife? You’ve got to be kidding right? The disrespect carries on later on and that leads to an altercation between Mimi and Stevie in the bathroom. The argument brought flashbacks of Suarez and Mike Tyson incidents; Mimi tried to bite Stevie J on the cheek. Is this really a new year new you, because i can see the same things i saw last year Mimi.


Erica and Scrappy

In life we each have our own problems to deal with but Erica and Scrappy’s is one that most people can identify with empathetically. Scrappy is makes a good amount of money but enough to continue blowing thousands per week and especially with a future family on the way. Being a rapper like being a sports man really requires you to harness the huge incomes whilst you’re in the game, because afterwards you’re income for most drastically decreases. So rightly so as Erica pointed out, they must save and they must also budget in accordance to what they can afford. Wouldn’t women love to say this is a male problem of not being able to look ahead and forsee future bumps in the road. And unfortunately i would agree to about sixty percent, most men lack prudence when it comes to things like budgeting and saving funds for future causes. How many times do we hear stories of men blowing hundreds of thousands and bankrupting their unaware families? Just look at Mc Hammer for instance, isn’t it just a sad day when you see someone who was on top of the world, come down so ever quickly. Scrappy, listen and take instructions from your wife, because she wants to see you win. A good woman is hard to find. Yandy and Erica strike out as two really good women.

The battle of Mums

Isnt it funny how both Erica and Scrappy’s mum both have concerns over the relationship and whether Erica’s mum admits it, she would love to see Scrappy and her daughter broken up. Can everyone be honest and say as fathers and mothers that they would be happy if they daughter brought up thug life Scrappy to their door? Factoring also that Erica’s mum has been really been far from a role model for Erica as a mother, in their relationship she knows that she can’t be so straight forward with her opinion because the mum has not earned that type of relationship with her daughter. It still does not navigate Erica’s mum well placed concerns and as mentioned earlier in this paragraph, both mums have a lot in common when it comes to their children.

Mamma Dee and her Kingdom business will forever make us laugh as an audience but her philosophies are contradictory. Even in season two she still encourages Scrappy to leave Erica who is due to be his baby’s mother for a woman who really and truly was just a momentary fling? Shay fell far too quick and liked Scrappy far too much and that gave him the opportunity to turn her on or off whenever. Unlike Erica who was frustrating him because she wouldn’t conform wholly, so that made him work to make it work. Shay gave everything on a plate to Scrappy and thus ended up being hurt because she thought there was something more. No doubt many will say Shay should just accept it and move on, but come on if you got close to your friend, trusted them, loved them, they told you they loved you, you kissed and became intimate. Please tell me who is going to walk away without offering their mouth piece on the subject, who is just going to say im going to leave it there. One thing that i didn’t condone was Shay going to Momma Dee until i saw the conversation they had. Momma Dee wants Scrappy with Shay because she believes Shay will do all and everything for Scrappy, no questions asked. Is there a time when you have to say that your mum is not a positive influence? How can your mum insinuate that she had a plan to break up Scrappy and Erica. Your mum is the one gunning for her son, how can the Kingdom survive if the occupants of the land are planning each other’s downfall; that is a divided Kingdom with no real power. Lets hope Mamma Dee doesn’t succeed because Erica is good for Scrappy and their relationship is one that’s one of the most realistic to succeed beyond this season.

Is there anymore to say on this episode except K Michelle will definitely play a much bigger role in this season, already she’s made us laugh with last season’s antics with Benzino’s side chick. This season it seems the little beef between Rashida and K Michelle is set to continue. We can only hope Rashida rocks the table so we can see Michelle show us exactly what time it is.


Love and Hip hop is back with a bang and Stevie J will safely guide us to another entertaining and fulfilling season. Mimi we beg you, fix up and leave Stevie J’s quarters and let Joseline have him. Erica and Scrappy seem to have a handle on their relationship but their fate seems to be in Momma Dee’s hands. No doubt the next few episodes will be drama couture; finely tailored for our prying and nosy eyes.


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