Women know your worth

Intro – Its 2013 and still nothing has really changed for the better, for a lot of women. How does a man respect a female and treat them as a queen if a woman doesn’t respect herself. A lot of women are giving up their power n being disrespected because actions are lacking any thought in front of it.
This current crop of men are suffering from a lack of respect to elders, younger’s, family, authority and lastly you women. So it is high time you step up and earn your respect.
Media impact on Men and Women
The media holds a huge part in how the current crop of men and women view each other. Music and films suggest females are just bitches and hoes and this disrespect is transferred to real life interactions between genders. With the degrading images of video vixens and industry artists such as Rhianna, females are being fed wrong impressions of what a respectful woman is.

Dress code
First impressions have always been a lesson our mothers and fathers have drummed into us, but how many women actually believe it enough to follow through with action. Even if your in the club, you can wear something that is sexy but doesnt showcase all your flesh. This will keep you respectable and in turn men will have to step to you respectfully. (Association)

Individual Lingustic
Whether you think its right or not. How a woman speaks will give off a perception, which will force the males action. I.E. Speak like your from the hood, and most likely get treated like a hood rat. Master eloquence, even if your mind is depraved and you be more than likely be taken care of like royalty. Example “rah your boom” says the girl to the boy. Now flip it, “your a handsome young man. Need anymore be said.

A few are tarnished by many
Having friends is a very important socialistic trait humans need in order to be fufilled in life. But chose who your friends are wisely. You can be tarred by the same brush. Humans judge all the time by association. Example. You see a group of hooded youths who are known to be gang members, don’t we all assume every individual hanging with them is within the confinements of the gang. The same principle applies when one or more of your girlfriends has a reputation for being a little to easy. Do not become tarred by the same brush.

Men women lacking parental figures
Never underestimate just how much a parental figure being removed from ur midst can affect individuals. We come into life because of two beings, therefore it is nature’s intended plan we be raised by man and woman. A lot of our generation have one parent and as much as a mother can be the best parent, she can never a teach a boy what he needs to know. Further more, men from young learn through watching their parents interact on how they should treat women in future. No father figure in life generally leaves a males perception of how to garnish females to his residing enviroment.

Females without a father figure fail to see first hand how to treat a man and how to be treated. Importantly women who don’t know first hand how to treat a man inevitably begin the unavoidable cycle of good boy meets girl, circumstances are sour, good boy turns bad, good girl treated badly, next male complains of barriers a female has put up.

Be a flirt but being a tease is bad
There is a huge difference between being a tease and a flirt. It is 2013 and many women still fail to acknowledge the clear differentiation. Being a tease does not bring respect. Example touching a male in a private place but when he returns the favour you stop the games. This is not flirting, this is a problem.

Don’t be so open with your sexual experiences with people u don’t know (social media)
There’s two issues to address here. One is a ladies conduct In public, amongst social peers, work colleagues and social enviroments. As we all know, there will be many conversations which will lead to topics of a sexual nature. It is important to show decorum in such conversations. Vulgalarity will just show an eagerness for sex and downgrade your wife potential.
On social media’s such as facebook, twitter and instagram, it is also important to maintain a prestine image. Nobody is telling you not to have fun, but not all fun is harmless. Talking without thinking on the internet can put one into hotwater because once things are said on the internet, they cannot be taken back. Filter your inner thoughts lest you be judged on it.

Your treasure box has power don’t give it away to quickly.
In closing, women have something every man wants, sex. Simply put; your box is where the power lies. If you have jewels in a treasure box, do you give such precious items away cheaply.
Know the value of your body, know it is coverted so respect it and a man has no choice but to do the same. If he doesn’t stay because you respect yourself, then he isn’t the one for you. Respect isn’t given but earned so do not expect others to just respect you.


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