Keep Dating Bad Guys? Time for a change

Keep Dating Bad Guys


It’s a situation many a women find themselves in. “I have bad luck with guys…I keep choosing the wrong ones…I just seem to attract the rotten ones.” Every person can testify to hearing a friend uttering those words. But in a lot of cases there are many factors as to why certain women relentlessly keep on attracting bad fruit.

Getting caught prematurely

Relationships begin with a cat and mouse chase. Nothing in life that is worth anything of any significance comes easy. Furthermore if you make it too easy for a man to attain you in the chase, you better believe your value and worth to him will most definitely depreciate. Once your value depreciates “good guys” don’t want you, you open doors for the enemy, “the bad guys“.

 Falling far too quickly

You’ve been seeing a guy for a week he seems like a cool guy but you don’t him that well, but already your mind is in boyfriend and girlfriend, you text him without reprieve, you even get annoyed when he misses your call. When you’re with him your too keen with your interest. It’s all well and fine to be into someone, but you’re dealing with men and most of those species given a chance turn to dogs. The last thing you want to do is give him all the power before the relationship has even begun. Be interested but don’t let him know you’re too hot for him. Bad boys can sense that from a mile off.

Diving into sex too quickly

Sex is a pleasurable activity which everybody loves. The rules of life’s game state in unwritten laws that women cannot do what a man does without coming off as a hoe, slag or slut. Do not give up your power too quickly, especially on the first date. Even good guys can fall prey to being a bad guy if you give it up quickly.

 You’re Personality

Looks are not everything but to the big bad guy, the less personality you have the better. If your only asset is your bottom, breast and your face then you lack sufficient nutrients to fulfil the yearning hunger of a suitable, trustworthy and faithful man. Crap personalities bring all the dogs to the yard.

Conversational Skills

Communication is a tool which is essential in any social make up. For goodness sake, the basic life forms of this earth communicate to one another. Humans can communicate through one of two ways, verbal or non-verbal. Now how you carry yourself is very important, the clothes you wear transmit’s an image and signals to the male. Simply put, overly sexualised clothing leads to that Original Gangster pulling his window down and whistling at you like a dog. Dress like a lady and a man will step like a gentlemen.

Verbal communication is also very important. Can you hold a conversation? Does your topic of conversation extend beyond just “how was work” and “are you going out on weekend”? Added to that point, watch your tone and the fillers you use “bruv, don and fam” and others are going to create a ‘hood rat’ impression. The good guys you want most likely aren’t going to be impressed.

Where u meet guys

Very often people in general venture in the same playground which brought them into existence of a bad guy. If you meet guys regularly at the gym and they treat you bad, then switch it up. Don’t date guys from the gym for a while. It’s that simple refresh the page and change your meeting process.

 Ur usual Type

Everybody has a preference for certain partner they’d want and like but your type may just keep putting you into similar situations. Gold tooth; great body, bronze attitude towards women? Change it up, nobody is saying give Kevin the technician your absolutely not interested in, but give the guys you friend zoned or didn’t really consider a chance.

Have ambitions n goals

A woman who has goals, ambitions and objectives to meet in life will always attract good and bad guys, but much like a raging river storming towards the mouth. You move too quickly and too fast to carry around heavy loads; instead you bypass them. Once you know where you’re heading and you’re determined to get there, bad guys fall off because you can see they don’t share your vision.

Change your attitude

Finally attitude is everything to meeting a good guy. If you admit poor confidence, lack of self-esteem and over compensating will to love even when it’s not returned, you are easy pickings for a bad guy. Bad guys love woman like you because you’re easy to manipulate and bend. Be bold, be positive, know your worth and be strong and you will weed out the bad crops.


It’s simple. Change the processes behind your repeating circumstances. Try something new, think differently, respect yourself and take your time to choose a partner. Not every egg in your basket is good, some are corrupt, but if you apply the above Jojo the Gentlemen Extraordinaire already knows your luck will be different.


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