8 Hours Of Sleep -1

Chapter 1

Leaving the nest


‘I don’t want to ever see you in my life, I’m sick and I’m tired of your bullshit,’ screamed Benny packing his things into a suitcase.

Karmel laughed and threw her hands in the air. ‘Why are you over dramatizing everything, acting like some damn drag queen?’

Benny stood tall and held Karmel’s gaze. ‘Are you kidding me right now?’ he asked rhetorically narrowing his large eyes at her. ‘My phone; my letters and now my emails, wasn’t that you? What was my crime? Oh I know, loving your freaking ass so much.’

Karmel ran ahead with a smile on her face. ‘Let me get the door,’ she insisted. ‘You’ll be back anyways begging to come back to me, say hello to mama for me,’ she called out looking onto the street. ‘Mind your own damn business,’ she cussed kissing her teeth at her nosy neighbour peeking out the window.

Benny dragged his luggage out the door ignoring Karmel’s naive assumptions and headed down the street to put his things in the car. He was tired of having these same old arguments, he tired of being undervalued and unappreciated and he was tired of not being trusted. Tonight he was walking away from it all and he didn’t intend to look back ever. His pulse was raced like a greyhound on a dirt track, as his car sparked into life. She believed he was going to come back, but the truth was, today was different day. That song “I can see clearly now the rain has gone” replayed in his head because that was exactly how he felt and as he drove out of her close he didn’t shed a tear and hardened his heart against his now ex.


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