Sieze the moment

‘What is it you want?’
‘Peace and quiet,’ he answered sharply. ‘Your disturbing that.’
‘Why because I’m telling the truth?’ Kayla put her back against the kitchen counter. ‘I’m surprised you aint brought it up.’
‘There was no need to bring up anything. It happened, so what.’
‘Oh so you know what am talking about.’
‘Yeah because I know you,’ he said turning off the electric stove.
‘So you’ve-‘
‘-Forgotten it yes,’ he interupted finishing off her sentence.

Franklin held Kayla’s gaze and she returned the favour. They were in touching distance. He could smell her perfume. Almost taste her lips.

‘So it didn’t mean anything then?’ Asked Kayla stepping closer to him.
‘Was it meant to mean more than it did?’ Replied Franklin smartly raising his eyebrow.
‘Don’t answer a question with a-‘
‘Question,’ interrupted Franklin once more. ‘Why?
Kayla kissed her teeth. ‘Stop finishing off my sentences.’
‘Or what,’ baited Franklin stepping so close he could feel each stroke of every breath Kayla exhaled into existence.

She didn’t flinch at his approach. What was he about to do? Franklin’s Seductively bit the bottom of his lip. Locked in her gaze. Narrowed eyes. Thumping heartbeats. Sexual tension so thick a knife would struggle to cut through. Could they deny themselves of this feeling any longer?. Head tilted. Lips moist. Lean In. Latch on. The sweet taste of Kayla’s tongue swimming his mouth’s pool. Eyes shut. Desires of the body yielded to. He wanted her so bad, she was his fantasy. Franklin felt his heart drumming as it did the day they kissed in her office that morning. So they were here again but this time they were one step further. Hands searching the bodies contours. Heavy strokes of breathing through the nostrils.

‘No,’ fought Kayla pushing Franklin away. Her chest rising and falling so quickly in the heat of the moment. ‘We are not doing this?’ She declared battling her urges.

Franklin was solid rock under his joggers. ‘Don’t think.’ He moved in once more and wrapped his large black arms around Kayla’s waist intent on not letting go. Lips stuck together once more. A bead of sweat drips as the room heats up. Warm hands begin to play underneath his shirt.

‘No really this can’t happen,’ refuted Kayla taking a pause from the passionate long kissing. ‘Oh my God right there Franklin.’

Naughty nibbles of the neck. The rising of a t-shirt. Naked brown skin. Detailed chest and toned abs. The removal of a hoodie. Stripped off top. One handed detachment of bra. Sexy in shape perky breasts. Hot naked flesh against each other. Wet flicker of a pink tongue on a erect nipple. Groans and grasp. Pressed against a kitchen counter. Nails digging into muscled flesh. Smell of pre sex in the air. Gasps as Franklin’s warm mouth swallows Kayla’s left breast, blowing cold and hot air on the nipple to arise more pleasurable feelings. SLAP! The sound of Franklin’s hand hitting Kayla’s bum cheek. Cold hands slipping under firstly shorts, then boxers. Eyes rolling in the back of his head as the first contact is made with his dick. Gentle ticking of his shaft. Tracing of veins with finger tips. Low growls. Bottoms, boxers completly removed. The favour is replied. Index Finger gently playing with the clitoris in a circular motion. Legs spread slightly. Wet. Sweet nectar dribbles from the nest. Eager anticipation.

‘I can’t take this,’ whispered Kayla. ‘Put. It. In.’
The black beast erect and ready. Franklin placed his his hands under the cushioned cheeks of Kayla’s backside. One swoop and she was off her feet. Legs wrapped vine like around his abdomen. Arms draped around his neck. Lips in sync refusing to come up for air. Kayla’s toes pointed. Back slightly arched.

‘This is such a bad idea,’ mentioned Kayla. ‘But I’m too far gone.
‘Lifes full of bad ideas,’ replied Franklin biting her chest once more. ‘
‘I don’t think this is…oh my God. Oh my. Ohhhhh.’

The animalistic deep base toned grunt, complemented by the sweet high female gasping of air on first entry. The warm, wet and sweet feeling of finally entering that beautiful pink matter. Tight grasp. Interlinked bodies. Her walls are finally breached.


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