Made In Chelsea -Episode 2

Its the second episode in an all explosive season 6 of #MadeInChelsea. Well what can we say about this particular episode; there is so much going on and we are only in the second week.

Spencer is as fluorescent as ever and his therapy conversations reveal the inner and more intimate thoughts of a man considered your #FinestPrick.

    Finest – The top type of prick who will cheat on any partner and not shed a tear or feel an inch of remorse. You can’t help but love them and they easily find upgrade replacements of their last.
This week we weren’t disappointed with the hero of the show Mr Matthews talking EXs with his current girl and newbie on the show Stephanie Pratt who seemed affixated with the number of times he cheated on Louise in past. Too any woman in future; take that as a warning, in the near distant time ahead this man will do the same to you. If you heard what Stephanie heard in those precious moments of conversation wouldn’t you be more fearful of a man like Spencer and actually steer clear of such a man? Guess not because once Spencer gets his talons in you he doesn’t let go easy and females find it hard to unhook themselves, just ask Louise and Lucy. That was sign one for Stephanie, sign two is when your current man Mr Matthews takes you to a resturant which your ex happens to be at. The ridiculousness of this situation is beyond human comprehension; how is Stephanie so blind that she didn’t see that Spencer was being rude by intruding and sitting down. Not only that; wasn’t Stephanie uncomfortable at sitting at a table which the occupants are not welcoming and verbally acknowledge that their timing is wrong. Don’t tell me Andy and Louise are rude. What kind of foolishness is that? Don’t even bother answering that question. Just when you thought things couldn’t get anymore weird, we see Louise joining Spencer and Stephanie for shopping trip, which is just crazy but there is a deeper situation here. Louise actually says “didn’t know you was bringing your girlfriend along.” The disappointment was real, she sounded like she was actually depressed by the fact he brought his new girlfriend along. In what world does Louise think this is acceptable; in what world does Stephanie think to herself that your man’s ex coming shopping is a good idea. That should’ve been strike three for Stephanie and cause to buy herself another one way ticket back to America but unfortunately she was too busy lusting after Spencer to realise the emerging pattern here. Then to top it all off the girl comes across Lucy who gives a stark warning about her ex before Spencer loses control. Mr Matthews throws a aggressive tirade on Lucy which some would say was fine because it was Lucy on the end of it. Come on he blew off because Lucy told him he she didn’t like him but he knew that. The way Spencer came at his exs should be an indication that such a man has no respect for his exs and he also has no respect for women he gets into a relationship. Do you think your the one to change him Stephanie? GET REAL. Spencer does as he pleases and uses as he pleases, you’ll be next because he hasn’t learnt..indication still texting Louise for what? He don’t care about her.

Andy and Louise
     The crazy saga between these two seemed to come to and end this episode, but we know how fickle relationships are and how quickly people dive in, dive out and dive right back in. So i won’t hold my breath on the death of this relationship because we’ve been there once already.
     Last week Andy proclaimed he had cut off Lucy because he knew how much Louise disliked her. This week Lucy and him were back in full swing with the accompaniment of Jamie the devilish swine. We can now look back on this meeting as a first “i dont care what Louise thinks” to which later on he and Lucy have dinner alone. THAT was really the indication that Andy was finally removing himself from the wicked witches spell. Interestingly Lucy makes a small flirting joke as she takes a seat opposite Andy “im looking good for you”. It may seem innocent but if we know anything about this cast is that they cross lines and boundaries all the time. Watchout for a broken hearted Andy and Lucy having just a moment. Before the dinner we were taken into Andy talking to Louise on a bench. This was another infuriating moment; how does a man apologise for an incident which he knew in his hearts of hearts that his girlfriend violated. After your chick can go twenty-fours off the grid on several occassions; the normal would’ve torn China’s wall down with our bare hands but Andy kept his complaints minimum. When your girlfriend makes a mistake you don’t give her excuses for her poor behaviour, so as Louise did turn it on your ass. The moment Andy tried pressing Louise about her behaviour she turns on the water works and Andy halts. Not only that Louise has so much power thanks to Andy’s weak male leadership role that she begins to abuse him verbally, disrespect him verbally by lying and meeting up secretly with her Ex Spencer. Well we thank God that she is now single and without Andy because he was a bad advert for being a nice guy. The delight as an audience we felt when there was a rumour that Andy had gone on bender and slept away with another woman. Tables turned Louise turned around and accused her man of indecent behaviour but it was rich for her to talk, lets not forget 24 hours baby twenty four hours. The incisive event were when Andy touches his neck; you just knew he was serious and tired of the same of bullshivel from Louise. “SHUTUP LOUISE” Amen! God heard that in heaven and rejoiced. It was time Andy got serious and showed the Ex Ms Matthews that he was no longer a fool for her no more. Quick sidenote; that saying “What game is the referee watching?” Needs to applied to Louise’s brother. What relationship are you watching? How can you talk when you invited Spencer into the yard after he cheated on your sister and disrespected her differently. Once you’ve done that your opinion holds no weight and certainly no value.

    Some might say she should let go and let Fran be “friends” with her ex Alex. Some will agree that Phoebe is right to be mad and that Fran is disrespectful. Heres one truth you can take; the girl code was broken and Fran intentionally broke it because once she saw things spirally with Alex she should’ve quit their apparent friendship. Additionally Fran keeps defending herself with wanting to be friends and she’d never overstep the mark but as we saw Fran and Alex crossed a line. There is no we want to continue being friends after that, so if you continue being friends that’s disrespecting your so called sister. That is one truth. Another is that for Phoebe to have and hold that moral ground she must not have commited similar crimes. Unfortunately Phoebe you played Proudlock and then added up “befriending” a taken Jamie. How can you ask someone to respect Girl code if you yourself are a girl who breaks codes. Karma doesn’t agree with you Phoebe. What you need to ask is if Phoebe still feels a way about her ex Alex; she got very protective over him whilst he dated Lucy and now Fran’s there it just looks suspect.
    Staying with the Jealous Blonde; what the hell is going on with her and Jamie. The flirting has reached and ascended new heights; “do you still fancy me” is she alright. The woman thinks she is God’s gift, little did she know God’s gift was Jesus. Phoebe’ s confidence is just on planet Mars but Karma will catch her before heavens judgement will.
Next Week Episode looks Epic and we will have even more talking points; Jamie sleeps with Lucy and gets with Phoebe, Phoebe insults Lucy and calls her a booty call and more. Rounding up Week 2 we are happy too see Andy has taken off the rose tinted glasses and opened his eyes. STEPHANIE thinks she is above the curse of the Matthews. And Phoebe thinks she is God’s gift ruling over who can and cannot be friends whilst she seeks Jamie’s affections


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