I’m finally back blogging about what I blog about the best; relationships. 2014 is fast approaching and what a year 2013 has been I’m sure for all of us. The turn of the new year will bring fresh new false hope of change from a lot of people. You can already hear them chanting prematurely in the distance “new year new me.” Every year the resolutions get made and every year the resolutions get broken well before the following year has begun. If you are like me & ordinarily don’t get involved in resolutions then keep on staying away from the resolution’s yearly curse.

Back on track; the distinguished Gentleman Jojo is back in action and ready to bring a little bit of the old and  the new, to bring you guys another round of interesting knowledge to share. This year I want to do things a little differently; blogging more consistently will be the start of my unspoken resolution in 2014 and secondly Jojo felt like it would be good to introduce a topic for a season (few weeks) before tackling another issue.

2014 January will see us tackle our first season which will be ‘Season of the Ex.’ Now everyone has a ex or a past lover and the madness ad craziness that follows them is precedented. If you haven’t got a ex ad are feeling left out, go ad get yourself one ad join the all in exclusive club. Look out the turn of a new year is dawning on us and so is the uprising of Jojo. He has spoken. Watch out.

R.I.P to those in our public eye who have fallen Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, Cory Monteith, James Gandolfini, Chris Kelly,  Freddy E and many more who have been taken from us too soon.


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