Scandal season 3 episode 11


We are back and back with a blast. I don’t even want to waste time recapping the last ten episodes, if you missed it, grab a link and go catch up. The show has left off exactly where it ended and i am sure fans are more than grateful for that.
    We have come to expect Olivia Pope in compramising positions with the president, in fact without that little affair can we seriously imagine Scandal being Scandal. There were so many questions that arose during the course of the show that we found ourselves asking. Indeed there were some scenes which made me wanna jump up and slap a few characters but lets keep this professional.

– For the fans who have been following the show from the very first episode we have been put on a rollercoaster and none so then with President Grant and Olivia Pope. Throughout the seasons we saw the power being firmly rotated between Sirius and Olivia in terms of influencing president Grant. Melanie was never really in the ascendancy except being involved in Grants scandalous cheating rise to presidency. Even so Melanie has always been the beans to the kfc bargain bucket; pure side, but we will come to that. In season 3 we have seen a more darker, more intimate, more powerful Grant in that Presidential seat. It was like after he had been shot he became intolerant of the bullshivel around him, but his real turning point in taking back his power to make decisions , inevitably rests when he found out about Defiance. The problem was Fitz let his side (Olivia Pope) become his main in the shadows and co-equal. He trusted her every word until Defiance tore the very fabric of trust from him and from then he realised he had to buckle up his ideas and rule America how he wanted to. Every one was a liar, cheat and con-artist including himself. The only difference is you cant break the trust of yourself and you can’t con yourself. So from episode 11 we are seeing the continued trend of a dominating man in a powerful position, which was clearly indicated when he asked Olivia, Sirius, anybody to ring his friend Andrew Nichols. Grant is definately in the ascendancy when it comes to power.



Man oh man what do you do when your daddy is a renowned serial killer legally. No let me rephrase mass murderer legally, I don’t think we have quite reached the levels of Mass Genocide just yet but thats open for discussion. What should Olivia Pope do? She thought he dad being ousted from post would end his reign but it only seems to have given him redirected focus. If i was Olivia i’d keep my enemy close and restart those akwardly painful dinners with Daddy in order to protect her boyfriend Fitzgerald. One thing for sure is Command isn’t playing when he says he is gunning for you.


Who else heard Sally Langston say the Devil made her kill her husband. Oh no honey as we Christians know, the Devil cannot do nothing unless we give him power over us and give into our fleshly desires. The devil was under Sally’s one inch heel and then she let anger and pain consume her because of her will and want to become President. In my eyes the woman already compramised Jesus when she said Yes to Abortion just to further her ambitions; at that point I asked what else will you give up or compramise in order to attain power? Now we know folks, she would kill to reach HER destination. Sometimes Sally being the neck that turns the head is more powerful than the head itself, she should’ve been patient and waited on God. Ah well her crazy action have provided us with too much action. One thing though…imagine your team member guns for your job and continues to want to remain on your team. Crazy. Sally you’ve lost it.


This is one of the crazies things to happen to a female, but this is Scandal. How did Melanie get demoted from main woman to side woman, infact she doesn’t even get sex so she is worse than a side. Melanie doesn’t even get game time and added onto that she has fallen so much to the waste side ( she opened the presidential door, saw her man kissing Olivia and then apologised to them both.) What? What! Whaaaaat&=โ‚ฌ=*รท,#&#&#,# (just like them characters it doesn’t make sense.) You are now bowing to the woman who stole your man and even becoming her servant just to keep peace? I hope Melanie has a superb plan at the end of eight years because this behaviour and submission is unacceptable. Imagine, in your own damn house too. NO! NEVER!


Snakes can exist anywhere, they can survive anywhere come different terrain, weather or element. No wonder then that James can sleep in the same bed as Sirius Bean his husband input betrayal on his partner so easily. Ontop of that the guy is leaking out information to the damn press; he really doesn’t know what game he is playing. Death comes to all in this game its just  a matter of time before he is next. First it was defiance and now this. SOMETIMES leave a story be when you can see the links head up into goverment and your man works in goverment. Digging is fine just remember you gotta climb out your own hole. James is more than likely gonna end up in the six by six.


OLIVIA what is wrong if you find a public boyfriend? Really? You have no problem sleeping with a married president so why stress and sweat a boyfriend who you don’t want. Man date Harrison even because at least this could be believable. Two fine black folk being intimate who also happen to have worked for each other for years, what a match made in heaven. “We dun kurr” who it is that Olivia gets with just get with someone so the rumours can be quelled.



NEED we say anymore? The big question that we were asking was will this be a darth vader effect with Jack turning into the evil one after being team good guys? It is more than possible the power will consume him and destroy JBs good side. Anyway forget that particular instance, what we wanna know is WHY the hell was Olivia screaming at Grant about Jake being commander? No she has no right to be shouting at anybody because she rolls with Huck the killer. Look it is simple really; Grant should’ve knocked sense into Olivia when she raised her voice about her ex man. She is acting like grant was King David and she was Bethseba watching her man Uriah being sent to the front line. It is far from that deep. Your man is King David do not question with such a tone again. Literally Grant needs to find his manhood and balls and put her to the sword when she rises up like she has no sense of power and position. Just because you are a star player it don’t mean you cannot be relegated to bench warmer.


Finally Melanie could be about to see some action. Jheez it has been almost two years and probably more since she felt something on that level. We probably should pray for her that she is at meanapause so the feeling down below is removed. It must kill her walking into her mans office to see this hoochie Olivia Pope doing the narsty with Grant. All that you have toiled for is now swimming clockwise or anti depending on how your sink is feeling that day. Nah Melanie needs the action and if you know men then you know Grant will not want his wife with anyone but him. Aint that funny. Aint it weird. If we see Grant pining over his wife?


What is the difference between Olivia Pope and Mary Jane? Many a things are different you know.
1. We see the kids far less in Scandal and  Andre Daniels is very much close to his kids
2. Melanie is not black like her counter part…so black audiences judge Mary Jane more because it is hard finding a good stable black home
3. BEING in presidency there is an air that people expect such a thing to happen in the white house unlike Mary Jane which paints the picture of simpletons and common folk..seems more real to us
4. Olivia Pope does her job and her job is Grant and more…her sophistication and smart retorics and replies make her less of a target as Melanie plays a more dummed down role.

All in all they are different shows but these two women are home wreckers down to the tee. Scandal is only going to get better and we can’t wait to see if Melanie gets her fill, whether Sally gets her fill and whether Olivia will give into her desires some more and get a fill of Grant.

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