Why Some Women Choose To Be A Sidechick

Image What benefit is there for a woman to be second place in life? Well this blog isn’t about the benefits nor the disadvantages but rather the mindset of a female who chooses to be the second woman in a relationship.

Prospectus of the man in present time

 Great Job

Some men have great jobs which come with wondrous perks. For instance a renown DJ who works at a top club could be bringing a benefit of free entry to his gigs were he is playing. A woman who wants such a perk will happily play the side as it suits her.


A man who has wealth promotes to a woman that she will be secured and taken care of. Even a sidechick can get taken care of if the man cares enough, she can get him to do a lot with his finances so it is easier being a mistress then a main woman.


Power is something we can all identify with and it is something we all wish to attain. Being the side piece of a man whose job has power and status gives the woman some sort of power in some ways. Amongst friends who might know the secret, the sidechick is reaching a pinnacle to which her girls will envy and she can gloat. Power. Added to that the mistress will hold leverage within the relationship if the man has a great reputation and status within the given community. The sidechick can pretty much hold a man to randsome and extract what she wants.

  Prospect of the man in Future

Some woman become mistresses because they can see the potential greatness of the man and want to be apart of the ascendancy. Their are benefits and perks they can receive by holding onto such a man. When he reaches the top she reaches the top and thus she can begin to ask for bigger and better things from the man. Everyone wants to be in the successful boat, either by association, or  tapping into the direct source, which is the man.

 The truth is a bitter pill to swallow the lie is sweeter

Some women find out that they are the not the main woman but  fear being without, so they tell themselves the sweet lie like an ostrich with his hand in the sand. The truth sucks at that point and they purposefully blind themselves to keep their reality from falling apart. This leads to the thought that “If I try hard enough he will make me the main interest”.

 There is no commitment

Some women do not want full time commitment; being a mistress means, girlfriend/wife obligations are wavered and they can pretty much live stress free. Part time boyfriends suits some females because it comes without all the hassle of emotional attachments which might bring up past painful memories of horrible relationships. It also means they commit for short periods of time and that is when the man is literally in their presence.

 Self-esteem is shattered

There are girls who through one way or another have been broken down and lack self esteem so they accept a situation as the norm. They think nobody else will love them; they are lucky to have him, if she left him he wouldn’t cope. There is loads of excuses as to why a low self esteemed girl would make for accepting a side role and all of them stem for insecurity and not feeling good about themselves.

 Sex is all they need

Some women just need sex and the complications of being with a single guy is that he will latch onto her and want more. Having just sex with a man already taken almost ensures that he will in the morning return to his family and not hamper her the rest of her day or week by overstaying his welcome.


There are times that you don’t want to own something; you’d rather borrow it or give it a temporary test run. A man in relationship almost guarantees that he is going back to his main woman after he/she is bored.

 Sex is so good

Sex can draw people in and force people to stay if they become hooked on the euphoric and pleasurable feelings derived from sex. Added with the forbidden fruit factor and you have a recipe for a woman ready to stick around and be less than the main woman in his life.

 Pass the time (bored)

Don’t be surprised, boredom can drive people to do all sorts of things. You want to brighten your free time and sometimes the allure of somebody elses man can assure time well spent.

 Busy lifestyle

Career business woman with little time to find a correct spouse can force some woman to fall into a trap of being someone’s side piece. Ask Mary Jane how she felt. When you have no time to search for a spouse and you are getting older, the window of opportunity is closing It is easy falling for the wrong person or even accepting the side role. Why? Everybody needs love, everybody wants to be with somebody. Where does a career driven woman getting on find the “right guy?” Your guy will do just fine. And the question is how can something so wrong feel so right?

 Promise of main dish status

When you have done a mandatory one year Sim only contract, some people get the promise of upgrade to full contract with full benefits. Some sidechicks think they can be the coleslaw and become the leg of the chicken. There are rarely any upgrades similarly how rare coleslaw turns into chicken. It all requires a miracle doesn’t it?! Men stop promising them the main title and disappointing on the promise.

  To get to the top

Some women will stick close to a man in order to get to where they need to go. If a man has contacts and links in a industry such as music, then they cab use the man to get ahead in life.

 Forbidden Fruit

Sometimes some people just cant help themselves the way Eve couldn’t help herself. The indulgence of sinful and bad behaviour like sneaking around, grabbing quickies in naughty places and etc. It creates an exciting thrill and taste for having someone else’s man. Trouble is the feeling can be addictive.

 Envy and Revenge

This may seem surreal but some girls will literally show you that they can take your man just to get back at your girlfriend because of envy. Sometimes people see your perfect relationship and covet what you have and that leads to them trying to show that your relatioThey mistress wanted you and because she perceives the main woman to be unworthy of having you, she steps in. Or in some strange cases, it is a case of revenge against the main woman because your mistress has some problem with her.

 Its fun being bad

Some girls for whatever reason enjoy being bad; they enjoying doing the unconventional and envying what is not theirs. The same way some people steal clothes or goods because they cannot afford it; is the similar reason why some females steal a man because they didn’t find him first and want him.

 The myth

Some men have the myth or legend about them. Size of manhood, marathon man during sex, splash-er of cash and so many more other tall tales which push an individual to want to test out the myth for themselves.

 It looks better when its yours

It can happen that a male is a better match for the sidechick than the main girlfriend and all the confusion in between that time could force the woman into being a mistress and trying to hold out for the real relationship to break up so she can move in.


The crazy thing about this title is the paradox which actually makes sense but is illogical simultaneously. Some woman want to be a sidechick to a man because he is the faithful type of man and they want a faithful man. So they become his second woman in waiting, hoping  for him to break up with his main woman so she can have him. The highly illogical comprehension is crazy; because in order to attain him, the mistress had to make him unfaithful to make him hers. Negating the reason why the female wanted the man in the first place

 The challenge to be able to take what’s yours

To take someone else’s seemingly treasured possession and make it yours is power in some ways. A man in a relationship is a challenge and indeed a mountain to climb, becoming a sidechick is just a step to climbing to the mountain top and achieving the challenge of taking a man away from someone else in order to feel powerful.

 Someone did it to me

Another woman stole your man and in some way you feel stealing somebody else’s man will heal you and take away the pain of the past. Truthfully some re-enact and re-inflict the pain of their past like the bullied turning bully.


Nobody is condoning being a sidechick, but we are trying to understand as always why a female would settle for second place. It is not necessarily the worst position to be in if you are gaining something from the process of attending to a taken man, but it neither is the winner position in the end. If you are a mistress you need to ask yourself why you are doing this?


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