Episode 2 of Before You Marry

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The word submission bracketed in the context of a relationship and attached to the modern day female has gathered such negativity. There are so many different responses that range from a simple “I don’t like the idea of submission” to “The man is the head of the relationship of course I will submit.” All the answers in between fall either side of the argument and then there is the third perspective of women who haven’t really given it much thought and fall into be submissive naturally. With two main perspectives which side is the correct one? Well we can categorically say this; without one individual submitting in the relationship it won’t be long before the break up happens and you’ll be asking why. Before you marry you should know if she won’t submit now she will increase her submissiveness in the marriage. Nothing gets better or improves because you have a baby or put a ring on it. Alongside episode one of our discussion; seeing the evil needs to be alongside can your future wife be submissive?


In the modern era we live in the woman is more educated, more independent and has more scope to work. Therefore the aspirations of the modern day woman is more than just being the glue to her family, she wants to earn her keep and be able to stand on her own two legs. Submission has been dragged through the dirt because there have men in the past, present and future to come who abuse the word submission and tarnish the vital conception of submission. Women you do need to submit to your men; if he isn’t worthy of you submitting then why are you in the relationship for? It is because some women have become accustomed to the power of leading which comes from the lessening of discriminatory blocks preventing women from working. Yet all the blame cannot be apportioned to the woman because a lot of men are also not being faithful and that breaks the trust to be submissive to men in future, many men have left good supporting women with children, many women have been the housewife got divorced and had no money from settlement or lack of funds which leave them exposed. No wonder the word submission has been well and truly been misunderstood.


There is a section of woman who want to claim equal headship with their men in the relationship and they fail to see the beauty in submission. Why did Adam eat the fruit from the tree? It was because Eve said “here eat some” and Adam even against the instructions of God himself decided to eat the fruit. That is the power of a woman and the power of submission. When Adam was alone he craved a “suitable helper” even though he had all the animals helping him why? The woman was taken from the rib of man because she is the heart, and the heart needs protection because it is delicate. That is how a man and a woman should operate; the heart knows its important role and the rib knows its important role. There is no equal headship because the guard is always the head. Woman who won’t submit miss this understanding; being submissive doesn’t mean you become of less importance it shows you understand just how important you are. A team may have star squad member but he needs a squad of players in order to win matches and trophies. In that team each member needs to have their role in order for the gaol to be achieved; you may win games but will you win the title with just a star man? The woman who may seem like the unskilful or player is the one doing all the dirty tackling, intercepting, passing the ball through for a chance to score. She is more than vital but she needs to understand there are roles and not try to usurp power. A manager may receive praise for guiding his team to victory but he needed an assistant manager to cover the many areas the manager couldn’t manage. Not submitting is acknowledging you fail to understand that yielding is not about supporting but about the team; the team needs you to win, play the role to the best of your skills and qualities. The more committed and invested in being excellent in the submissive role, the more the man can invest in making sure you and him reach unforeseen heights.



Submitting to a good man is like being a Co-Driver of a rally car. Never fail to underestimate the power and necessity of the co-driver; their instructions, guidance and calculations are what are preventive in reducing the percentage of the rally car crashing, helping increase chances the team will cross the finish line and navigate the course well. A good co-driver with the right driver will break records and attain trophies. Just in case you were enveloped in our metaphoric explanation of submission; let us break it down. A woman is like the co-driver in a relationship; her behaviour and words help steer the relationship free from the ditches, she has the ingredients that hold a family together her supportiveness and understanding of her submissive role helps the relationship reach its fullest age possible, the woman’s key skills and traits can help a man become a world beater or champion. The co-driver in the team isn’t as often lauded like the main driver; many of you might have heard the name Colin McCrae but how many of us know the co-drivers he had? His greatness and name live in a lot of memories and history books, but those closer to the sport and closer to the main driver will know the heroic co-pilot who aided the legend of Colin McCrae. If the co-driver wanted to lead the proceedings alongside Colin McCrae and grab the wheel of the car it would have resulted in a major crash, failed record attempts and huge fights between him and Colin McCrae. It isn’t any different between the man and woman; the man whether he knows it or not needs the woman to make him greater. It takes a great woman to steer a man to his greatness; it takes an even greater woman who sticks it out with a man who was in the dumps and dirt and helps push him to greatness.

Staying in touch with our metaphor; the rally co-driver shouts out details of the oncoming turns, bumps, leaps and jumps oncoming. A woman can see from a completely different perception because it is something God given and because she chooses to sit in the passenger seat. The passenger doesn’t have the same pressure of having to focus on the road and driving, thus she can see ahead in the relationship. If your woman is in the driving seat she loses the power of her perception; now she is thinking about driving the relationship forward, protecting her man, having a family, having kids and so much more because a woman is capable of multi-tasking. The ability to do many tasks at once is actually the reason the submission should take place; the man is solely driven and can only invariable focus on one or two things. Since the man is driving he is focused on navigating the car to the finish line. Therefore all his energy and attention in the relationship is focused on leading; making him perfect for leadership. The woman’s multi-faceted abilities also allows her to do all the interconnectivity behind the scenes of a relationship in order for it remain running smoothly. A submissive woman in the co-driver seat is like the engine in the body of a car; the car can look impressive but if the engine isn’t running efficiently the look of the car won’t matter. The submissive woman is key. The co-driver eases the stresses of thinking about how to navigate the course and just on changing the gear of the car; in the same manner a woman working behind the scenes actually allows the man to change pace of the relationship and focus on getting them to goals they have discussed.



Submission is power and woman need to fully understand that if they relinquish their growing “man like ego and pride” they could see the huge benefits of hugging the man from behind. Who do you think whispers in the ears of powerful men? You don’t realise to submit means you are actually able to use the man to complete your objectives to; you need not do the work yourself but whisper in his ear. Eve had it right but the woman of the modern era have gripped the “independent woman” and “I don’t want to lose myself” quotes to absolute heart and thus a lot of women mainly of success ask “why can’t I find a good man?” Most men want to be the driver of the vehicle and if you as the woman want also to be the driver then you will alienate a lot of men from wanting you to stay with you. No matter how beautiful you are if you cannot yield you will not marry or be with a king. A man is built to lead and even if we are not in a world where men need to protect their spouses often, it is ingrained in the minds of men. If a woman will not submit how can a man fulfil the souls gender based purposes of protect, serve, create and love? The greatest enemy is your best friend; no your greatest enemy is the woman a man loves because she has covered all his past sins, seen him through all his rubbish and loved him in his wrongs. A submissive woman goes from worst enemy to best foe and lover.


There are a few words mentioned in conjunction with submission and one of them is “yield”. The word yield has several implications; give way under pressure, relinquish possession of, concede, to be flexible and able to adjust, produce, provide and generate. A woman submitting allows a man to focus on the task ahead of him and his family, the woman supporting means she is flexible to fit around the man. Examples of this are when a man gains a promotion and it requires a man to move cities or location, but if the woman is unresponsive to being flexible she will resist the move or you will be in separate locations. What is the point of having a relationship were you have decided to be at completely separate locations when it can be provided. The male is fitted with Ego, pride and because it is a part of our DNA, we can’t relinquish it but reduce its effects. Yet a submissive woman concedes her right to be right all the time and lets her man have the win for the moment. A lot of the time the male will be incorrect but let him have it his way; if you always try to win the argument or decision you will become contentious and combative. Your relationship won’t last long if you want to win each debate; the male in his ego and pride will challenge you. When he realises he can’t win he divorces, ends the relationship or worse yet cheats. All because you won’t submit. Submission is also to yield and to yield is also to produce; therefore a woman under a man can produce a greater man than ever imagined.

Think about it this way; submission is like driving a standard car with one set of pedals and a steering wheel. A woman who refuses to yield either has to force the man in her life to yield to her or it is like having two sets of steering wheels and two sets of pedals. Wow. How far do you think you will get if both of you have direct control over the car before you crash? You will disagree and when emotions override sense you will turn your way and the other will turn the other way. Car overturned. Dead. So submission is so vital if you want the relationship to grow and continue to flourish.

Women think about submitting to a good man and letting him handle the reigns. Don’t let submission scare you because indeed you have more power than the one taking a final decision. There is no mutual or dual control on a car for a reason, the final decision must be made by one person. Your relationship must have one final decision maker and that should be the man, but there are cases where it works for the women to be in control. Is that woman truly happy only she will know? Yet we know for sure that submission is key to a relationship breaking heights, records and reaching the finishing line. Men if your woman wont yield or submit then is she really marriage material?  Marriage is a long hard slog and as we mentioned all above it requires so much from each individual, especially the woman. Marriages are failing today because women of today’s era are refusing to submit because they feel they are being considered less important. If anything you are more important to the home, family and future goals. The problem isn’t submission the problem is poor choice of man to submit to; hence a lot of woman are hurt and refuse to yield again. Submission is key. Jojo has spoken.



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